If You Feel Like Love Isn’t In The Cards For You Right Now – Read This

Do you feel like something is missing?

After every playful conversation and nights spent embracing someone, you have a feeling in your gut that something isn’t right. It’s like your heart is telling you that this person isn’t meant to be yours. Or maybe you’re not connecting with someone – or anyone – the way you would like to. Maybe you’re frustrated. You’re unsure of yourself. You begin to let the doubts and fears cloud your judgment.

Let me say this: love should make you feel sure. Love should make you feel safe and secure. Love should be enchanting and make you believe in magic and its beautiful radiance.

If you don’t feel good with someone, they’re not right for you. If they aren’t treating you the way you deserve to be treated, you are not theirs to keep. If you’re having a hard time finding and keeping love, you are not ready for it–even if you think you are. Even if you think your heart is open and ready, it doesn’t mean it actually is. 

So if you’re not feeling full of love, with or without someone, or if you feel like all hope is lost and love isn’t in the cards for you right now, that’s because it isn’t. This is your heart’s way of telling you to take a step back, reflect on where you are, and love yourself this time.

Look at the people who have come and gone into your life – they came into your little world for a reason: to teach you and to move you and to show you what you deserve. So if the Universe puts someone in a new light, understand that this is her way of showing you that something and someone so much greater is on its way to you. 

Understand that there will be periods of time when you will be longing and you will be enduring heartache. This is just how you will grow. Understand that there’s a difference between being alone and feeling lonely and it’s your job to recognize that difference. As the saying goes, “fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely,” So spend time alone and be patient. Do things that bring you joy and let the Universe work its magic on you.

Love will be out of reach for just a little while longer. Right now, love isn’t in the cards for you, and that’s okay. Something greater and more beautiful than you could ever imagine is on its way to greet you. It’s coming, with all its glory and enchantment. Get ready. 

Brooklyn-based poet, writer, avid coffee drinker, and music lover.

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