12 Women On What Makes Them Feel Confident

12 Women On What Makes Them Feel Confident

Someone told me the other day that I come across as a very confident person, whereas I think I walk and talk with so much anxiety and self-doubt. I mean, I don’t know how to be confident. I don’t know if I’m doing it right. There are times when I do feel good in my skin and I am proud to be a woman, but other times, I feel so bleh. To get some inspiration and motivation for myself, I talked to some friends and asked them what makes them feel their most confident self.

1. “Dying my hair, doing my makeup and putting on fake eyelashes, and wearing something girlier than I normally would.” –Shannon, 25

2. “Trying new things, inside and outside of my comfort zone, like learning a new hobby or crushing a new hiking trail.” –Casey, 22

3. “I’m really into fitness, so when I know I’m healthy and feeling good, I always feel confident. Just when I’m taking care of myself and I feel good, I’m the most confident! Also knowing I have good people around me and not feeling insecure or like I have to impress anybody.” –Lauryn, 19

4. “Dancing in the mirror, listening to Ariana Grande, in a robe, fresh out of the shower.” –Phoebe, 20

5. “Dressing in clothes that make me feel good–for myself. My style leans more toward baggy retro clothes, so they might not be the most revealing clothing choices, but they make me feel the most like myself and the most confident in my body. For me!” –Louise, 24

6. “Unconditional love from my dogs. Like, I can take on the world because they believe in me and love me always, whatever I do.” –Nicole, 24

7. “Getting compliments on myself or the things I’m doing. I’ve always been very hard on myself so I feel as though praise always makes me feel good.” –Andrea, 23

8. “High waisted wide leg pants and a pair of heels.” –Alex, 22

9. “Getting cute for myself.” –Allie, 21

10. “I feel most confident when I’m being creative. Since starting my blog many years ago, I have grown to love the creation process more than anything and any time I can write, edit videos, record a podcast, or shoot, I feel on top of the world.” –Amanda, 25

11. “When I wear comfy shoes that also have a bit of a heel!” –Carlee, 22

12. “Fun lipstick!!! And when my brows look good.” –Julia, 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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