Maybe Your Journey Is About Following Your Own Heart

The voices of others confound you, pressuring you to fight against your deepest desires in the name of self-preservation. They claim that you cannot live without their presence, that you cannot thrive if you refuse to cave into their whims. But as you traverse an untouched path, stepping into a lifetime of discovery, you’ll realize that maybe the chorus of voices in your mind will only serve to harm you. Maybe your journey is about following your own heart.

Maybe your journey is about fostering your independence. You spend hours mulling over the impact of your decisions, longing for approval from the ones you hold dear. You dream of garnering the courage to break free from the world’s grasp on your heart, wondering if you can ever tune out the raucous voices in your mind. But perhaps your journey lies in breaking free from the ties that bind you, paving your own path to the life of your dreams.

Maybe your journey is about listening to yourself. Your mind remains in a constant state of chaos, leaving you to hope that the world will become silent. Your body writhes and aches as you agonize over your choices, wondering when you will discover peace in simplicity. But perhaps your journey lies in transcending the frenetic energy of the world around you, finding a sliver of serenity within yourself, truly heeding your heart’s message to your weary soul.

Maybe your journey is about putting yourself first. You care deeply about the world’s troubles, wrapping yourself in others’ problems until they strangle your spirit. You refuse to relinquish your deep-seated belief that your loved ones need you and only you, that without your presence, their lives will crumble and you will become cold-hearted and selfish in your desires. But perhaps your journey lies in recognizing that love does not demand your constant presence, that true self-compassion requires that you love yourself enough to prioritize your needs.

You hold others in the highest regard, pondering whether you should alter your path just to appease them. But maybe your journey is about ignoring the cacophony of voices that rings through your mind. Maybe your journey is about following your own heart, courageously ignoring the beaten path and blazing a new trail to traverse for years to come.

About the author

Kelly Douglas

Lives for red lipstick, high heels, 80’s pop, cats, and Oxford commas.