Be Patient, Love Is On Its Way

One day, he will find you. And he will run in your direction and muster the words, “I’m sorry I took so long.” He’ll kiss you, softly, before catching his breath and grasping your hand in a way that means forever. Then, he’ll tell you why you’ve endured all this time alone.

“I’ve climbed so many mountains I can’t count anymore, and crossed the vast, lonely plains between them. I have been through dark tunnels that were so long I thought I might never see light again. And I’ve gotten lost in haunted forests, dragging old skeletons for miles because I just couldn’t shake them. Sometimes, I thought I would never find my way out of the darkness. Those were the times when I spent many nights sleeping on cold, hard rocks. But every so often I got lucky and fell asleep in a dreamy garden bed, inhaling fresh air under a galaxy of stars. I often wondered if you saw them too, or if your eyes shined as brightly. Now I know, they shine brighter.”

He’ll smile, kiss you again. This time lighting a fire that burns through your entire body. Then, he’ll go on.

“I have survived long walks in the desert alone. But just when I thought I couldn’t carry on, somehow, fresh roaring falls would appear to quench my thirst. I think my spirit guides had something to do with that, but I can’t be sure. One time, I traded a piece of my heart for bamboo stalks which I used to build a life raft, and then ventured out into a stormy sea. I almost drowned, but gentle waves carried me back to shore. It was on that beach under royal palms that I kissed an angel who gave me the strength to keep going. It was also there that I borrowed the wings from a devil. He told me not to fly too high, too close to the sun, but he never mentioned that flying too low was far more dangerous. I almost fell into the ocean again, but I made it back to dry land safely and returned them immediately. They never quite fit right anyways. I guess I haven’t always made the best choices. I certainly regret some things that I’ve done, but I did it all in search of you. You. Have I told you how beautiful you are yet?”

He’ll pause for what seems like a lifetime, devouring you with his eyes, admiring all that you are. Then, he’ll finish.

“Here’s the funny thing. Along the way, I found courage, resilience, kindness, and compassion. I learned to ask for help and speak my truth openly without fear. I learned to listen, to compromise, to love, to forgive, and to let go. I learned to embrace the unknown, to take care of myself, but most of all, I learned how to love myself. The truth is— I found something much greater than what I thought I was searching for. I found me. And then, there you were.”

In that moment, you’ll understand, that maybe the reason you weren’t ready was because he wasn’t either. That we’re all on a journey, and when it’s time, when the moment is right, your lives will intersect. You’ll meet at the crossroads and recognize each other instantly. You’ll share your stories, all the good and the bad that you’ve endured, and then keep walking, hand in a hand, living new adventures together along the way.

So, the next time you start to lose faith in love, the next time you begin to lose hope and your heart cries out asking, ‘WHERE ARE YOU?!’, just know that he’s on his way. And send him all the love you have in your heart. Because one day, you’ll be able to tell him that it was you. Your love was the roaring fall that quenched his thirst in the desert, the gentle wave that brought him back to shore, the angelic kiss he needed to keep going. He needs your love and strength now, as much as he will when you meet him. Keep walking your path, keep sharing your heart, he’s almost at the crossing. And so are you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

About the author

Kelly Brown is a poet and writer, originating from Montreal.

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