I Never Saw You Coming

couple laying in grass
Matheus Ferrero

I never saw you coming. You came into my life like a hurricane. Sudden. Unexpected. Your path was as unpredictable as the changing tides.

Your journey to find me was long. Where did you come from? What did you see along the way? Who are you? The morning I met you was magical. The storm clouds had cleared. Sunshine beamed through my window and danced on my skin. I could feel you coming, the moment was near. After what must have been a treacherous journey for you, suddenly you were here.

Blinded by the light of the brightest star I’d ever seen, our eyes finally met. Two ocean blue eyes staring into mine. The sweetest smile on your face. I reached for you and pulled you close. Your warmth blanketed me like a cozy fire after a long cold day in the snow. You studied my face carefully for the first time. No words needed to be spoken. Everything in the world finally made perfect sense.

Having you in my arms is the best feeling I’ve ever known. From the moment I first saw you, I knew our bond would be unbreakable. The chaos that had been swirling around us for so long was calm. In that moment I realized that I would do anything to protect you. I would climb the highest mountain to help you get to the top. I would brave the fiercest waves to swim to the depths of the deepest ocean.

The moon itself would not be too far to fly for you. The greatest gift I could ever receive has been given to me.

I don’t know where our journey may take us next. No matter what happens, know that I will always be with you. I may not be able to make the road smooth, but I will be there to walk beside you. I may not be able to calm the raging waves of life, but I will teach you how to maneuver them. I may not be able to protect you from pain, but I will help you heal the hurt. You will never question if you are loved. You have unlocked chambers inside my heart that never existed before you. My heart continues to grow as a result of knowing you. No matter where you are, I am always with you inside your heart.

My heart beats for you and that kind of love will outlast time itself.

My hope is that life continues to inspire you. I hope people will surprise you just when you think you have them figured out. I hope your curiosity will lead you to discover and explore the world. I hope you won’t let your accomplishments or your failures define you. I hope your dreams motivate you, but won’t devastate you if they never come true. I hope you stay true to yourself, no matter what happens around you. I hope you always treat others with kindness. Keep in mind that how others choose to treat you is a reflection of them, not you. I hope you choose to believe in the light left in this world instead of fearing the darkness.

In our short time together so far, you have shown me how to treasure every experience in life. Your smile lights up my world and your heart is pure gold. We have been through more together already than some will face throughout a lifetime. When I look at you, I know we will get through anything life throws at us together. You are my stellar star that gets me through the darkest nights. Because of you, I’m stronger than I ever believed I could be. Your love inspires me to be the best version of myself.

I hope you always believe in yourself as much as I believe in you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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