Breathe—You Can Handle This

Breathe—You Can Handle This

I dislike excessive optimism. It doesn’t give me comfort when people oversell the concept of positivity to someone who is in the midst of extreme suffering. This is because sometimes it feels like a slap in the face, especially if the positivity peddler has zero idea of another’s suffering. And although I’m hopeful and not cynical by nature, I have a deep appreciation for hard truth and blunt honesty.

So here’s some truth: while much in life isn’t ever truly certain, there’s one thing that is: you will struggle. If you buy in to the idea that life will always be sunshine and rainbows and that you are immune to suffering… you’re not. 

We all face moments in our lives that leave us questioning why certain things happened or didn’t happen to us. Some of these situations will inevitably leave us without understanding or closure. You will find barriers in your path, hindrances on your journey, and temptations at every corner. You may at times face darkness that seems like it’s swallowed every last bit of light. You may reach the point that you feel nothing else can go wrong so maybe it finally will all be over. Struggle, however, doesn’t end just because you want it to… it has its own timeline. But be reassured that no matter what life throws at you, you can handle it.

You can handle the pain. The pain, although at times feels like it will never stop, will eventually go away. The physical pain from illness, injury, or any harm will not last forever. The scars, whether physical or emotional, will never go away, but they can heal. They will be there forever to remind you how strong you were in overcoming that pain. How strong you were in doing all you needed to do to heal from it. The scars are your battle wounds… they tell a story of your strength and bravery.

You can handle the hurt, betrayal, and heartache. You will use that hurt as lessons moving forward, learning more about people and matters of the heart. The hurt will teach you that there are never guarantees in love, only what two people put in to it. It will also teach you that by healing from the heartache, you will hopefully allow yourself to one day love again.

You can not only handle the struggle, the roadblocks and barriers, but you can surpass them. All that may seem to be insurmountable can indeed be overcome with time, patience, and persistence. Just remember that how you choose to handle these struggles is vital in your journey to finding yourself. Understanding the simple fact that we all struggle, but how we overcome is what makes us who we are.

So breathe in…breathe out.

Find some peace in knowing that each burden you are experiencing is only temporary. While it may only seem never ending, that it becomes too heavy to carry, remember that this too shall pass.

Our lives can be better when we understand the basic reality is that not much is in our control. We cannot control many things that happen to us, from heartbreak to illness to death of loved ones. The only thing we can control is how we choose to move through and forward from those situations. Look at the hardships you face as opportunities to fight against the odds, persevere, and grow. Because your life, and what you make of it, is yours for the taking. Although you cannot control the variables of life, you have the power to choose the steps you wish to take to achieve goals, to find happiness. You will take these chosen steps knowing that in any instant, something out of your control may change your path. Be reassured knowing that it is your choices that determine whether you will live your best life. You can choose to suffer, or choose to rise above, and I promise that you can always rise above. Most importantly, in finding your strength and striving to persevere, you will always be able to handle anything. When it comes to fighting the odds and roadblocks, just always tell yourself this simple truth: you’ve got this. 

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