17 Truths That Are Only Relatable If You Have A Long-Distance Best Friend

Neill Kumar
Neill Kumar

1. You communicate constantly, but nothing can quite articulate the giddiness you feel when you finally see each other in person for the first time in what feels like forever.

2. But really, you text them your stream of consciousness on a daily basis because you know they’ll do the same to you and they’ll always respond.

3. You feel comfortable enough expressing to them a deep and passionate longing for the both of you to be together in the same city—whether that’s through the form of liking all of their photos on Facebook or texting them a needy “I MISS YOU.”

4. This feeling of longing is amplified even more when you live in different time zones. You feel like you’re worlds away.

5. And when you do manage to coordinate schedules and see each other, that time is strictly set aside for just the two of you.

6. Seriously, you feel an inner wrath from the deepest depths of your soul bursting out of you when some idiot wants to tag along and third wheel the reunion.

7. You would blow off your sister’s second wedding if your long-distance friend was in town for just that day.

8. The best part of seeing them is transitioning from the initial catch up and pleasantries into hours-long, in-depth conversations about what’s really been going on since you last saw each other. And what’s even more awesome is that because you two communicate so frequently, there’s no need to go into lengthy explanations about who’s who and what’s-her-name. You know everything.

9. Their presence allows you to finally voice those weird and personal thoughts that you never tell anyone else.

10. The longer you hang out with them, the more reminded you are of how mediocre some of your geographically-convenient friends are. Long-distance friendships require a special type of bond that just doesn’t exist in every single relationship you have.

11. You would seriously walk through fire if it allowed you to do even the simplest, most mundane activities with your long-distance best friend. The thought of waking up in the morning and just texting them about grabbing a coffee later is so unfairly impossible.

12. You have looked into flights just because your best friend mentioned that someone was giving them a hard time at work or at school and you can barely control yourself from marching 3,000 miles away just to give this person the worst side-eye you can muster.

13. You’re both aware that no serious romantic relationship could ever blossom without solid approval from one another.

14. Frankly, you sort of feel bad for any potential suitor, just because you would know every inappropriate and intimate detail about anything and everything they’ve ever done before you even get to meet them in person.

15. And any partner or local friends will find themselves surprised at “how similar you guys are!” when they see you two interacting.

16. Mostly because all of your inside jokes are conveyed through a certain look or by doing a certain voice. You have your own language.

17. Saying goodbye is the absolute worst. You forget how to enter back into society without them again, even though they were only visiting for 48 hours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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