Read This If You’re Not ‘Wife Material’ And You Really Don’t Care

Jean Gerber
Jean Gerber

You don’t want to settle down. You find comfort in not being comfortable with someone.

There is no “you complete me.” You already feel fulfilled and finished and done. There is no half heart wandering the earth looking for you—you’re already whole.

You’re brave. The fear and terror of being alone has never crossed your mind.

You exude a specific brand of confidence—in everything but romantic relationships. It’s intimacy that robs you of confidence in who you are, what you do, and everything you want to be.

Intimacy is scary and strangling and not at all what you’ve been looking for. Because you never felt compelled to look for anything outside yourself in the first place.

Yes, you’ve seen the movies. You’ve seen the romantic comedies—from John Hughes to Judd Apatow—and you know how they’re all supposed to end.

But you also know that that happy ending isn’t your Happy Ending.

You’re told by your mother that it’s instinct. You’re supposed to innately crave a partner before your biological clock runs out.

You’re told you’re wrong, that you’ll change your mind. Every woman goes through the phase where she thinks this is what she wants before she comes to her natural senses.

But not you.

You’re not broken, confused, or unlovable.

You’re not a late bloomer, a difficult daughter, or a repulsive being.

You’re not wife material. And you love that about yourself.

You thrive in the freedom of pursuing any obscure opportunity that might present itself. You fall in love with places and people and stories and potential.

You are the star of a new romantic comedy—one where the ending is ambiguous the entire time and everyone actually pays attention to the plot.

You’re enthusiastic about everything and never feel the need to compromise.

You love love. But you love yourself the most.

And when you’re told repeatedly that you’ll miss out on one of the most important and critical experiences a woman can live through, you know in your heart they’re wrong. Because you’re just not cut from that cloth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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