Life & Love While HIV+ Through The Eyes Of SEVYNN

Life on earth is made beautiful by the connections we make. Think of your best friend and how their hug can bring light to the shadiest day. Think of a family member that fills your home with warmth and your life with nourishment. Think of your partner and how their kiss can reset your mind; put your body at ease.

When we buy into societal stigmas and incomplete narratives propelled by media, gossip, and ignorance, we create walls between ourselves and other humans we have chances to connect with.

1) a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.

For SEVYNN, an HIV+, queer person living in the South, stigmas have surrounded them their whole life. For years, they felt lost; completely cloaked in darkness and self-hatred until they found their own light: radical self-love.

No one is going to love you, like you. – SEVYNN

In this video on life and dating, SEVYNN shares their story on how they surpassed societal stigmas, found community through dance, and began radiating nothing but light, love, and positivity. Their message is this, “you only get one chance,” so be nothing but yourself and go for what you want. Don’t buy into the shame and judgment that others may cast your way, and don’t be the cruel one shrouding someone in stigma’s darkness. Be open to a life of connection; where we listen, learn, and radically love ourselves, our community, and one another.

Watch the video below and find yourself inspired by SEVYNN, an HIV+ advocate living in Louisiana. For more stories about navigating life with HIV, visit: Live Your Truth.

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Katee Fletcher

Katee’s passion for writing and fascination for language has forever guided her path in life.