15 Moments That Tell You It’s Time To Walk Away

1. When you realize that a relationship is more about convenience than desire.

2. When someone with political views radically different than yours approaches you not looking to discuss varying perspectives but to strong-arm you into subscribing to their beliefs.

3. When you realize you’ve grown out of a city, person, job, your regular dive bar or high school group of friends you had when you were a different person.

4. When you’re about to lose your temper with someone who doesn’t deserve to be receiving the brunt end of your anger when their actions really just ignited something deeper.

5. When you want to make any extreme and impulsive life change. Give it a night, at least.

6. When you’re about to do something seemingly necessary but entirely unfair to someone with whom your relationship is more important than expressing dissatisfaction in such a way.

7. When being in someone’s presence puts your anxiety level through the roof, but you spend time with them anyway because you feel obligated.

8. When you realize that the people in your life do not innately respect you and your choices.

9. If you’re in a relationship where your feelings are dismissed for a reason that has nothing to do with the sheer reality that the other party did something that made you upset. In other words, where you aren’t seen as an equal with valid feelings but rather someone to be pandered to.

10. Any relationship in which you realize one or both of you is looking to the long-term when your desired lifestyles and future plans are inherently different.

11. When the Ikea furniture is frustrating so much you’re actually about to break the leg of that $75 chair you just bought. Yeah, I just moved.

12. When you realize you’re tempted by the allure of what someone does for you externally, especially when you know they care enough about you to let you use them like that.

13. If you realize that you’re following any life plan that you were conditioned to believe was right for you by someone else.

14. When you’re an option, not a priority.

15. When you’re more in love with the idea of someone than you are with them. TC Mark

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