The Big Gulp: 10 People On The First Time They Swallowed

To celebrate the release of my new web series, The Big Gulp, which is about swallowing (hint: not water) I asked a vital question: “Do you remember the first time you swallowed?” People’s answers ranged from hilarious to surprisingly dark. You can see my story in the first episode, “Winter Is Coming”, below:


“The first time I swallowed I ran away from my boyfriend, spit it out in the sink, and took a swig chocolate syrup. He was a Christian. He wanted me to put the syrup on his dick. I wouldn’t. He currently lives in Denver with his boyfriend.” Lia, 25

“Swallowing is funny because it seems like there is such a premium on it, versus “spitting” which takes more skill anyways. The first time I swallowed I didn’t even know what I was doing, it just happened. Like, suddenly there was this rush of salty liquid in my mouth, no warning. It was cool, I think. It was nice that there was a very concrete end point because otherwise I would have had no idea when to be done, at that point.” Christine, 28

“Ok so I can’t remember the FIRST time I swallowed. but O can remember a series of times. honestly at this point I don’t even remember spitting ever. I think for me swallowing and sucking dick go hand in hand. spitting always seemed too messy, too much of a — the first words that came to mind were dick/pussy, I don’t know what that says about me BUT — seemed like too much of a dick move / a pussy move. i remember it being so fucking disgusting the first several times. Hell, it’s even kind of gross now. I’m madly in love with my boyfriend and I still kind of gag a bit at the end of a BJ. For me that’s the only option. The idea of spoiling the moment to run to the sink and spit? That doesn’t appeal to me. And nothing turns me on more than when I’m told how good i taste, so then I would assume to reason that a man feels the same. I think if I were a dude and a girl was always spitting out my splooge, my feelings would be hurt. Really, I’m just protecting everyone’s feelings. that’s what’s going on here.” Celeste, 27

“It was with my first boyfriend, who was emotionally abusive and extremely selfish. The first time I swallowed was not my choice and I had no warning. He wouldn’t kiss me afterwards and shortly asked me to leave.” Alex, 21

“The first time I swallowed jizz I threw it up 5 minutes later. It was disgusting. It was so horrible, I was like yeah man I can do this, I can totally swallow jizz. I was like 19, and it was a huge load too and I was like OH OK THEN and then it tasted so wrong, like off milk mixed with ball sweat and so I swallowed it… then I tried to remain suave and sexy… then my stomach was churning and I threw up gluggy hot semen and it was the most disgusting feeling rising up from my throat into my mouth.” Courtney, 25

“I had been going out with this guy for about a month and a half. I was on my period and really didn’t want to get his sheets messy but he kept saying he didn’t mind and that it was fine with him. But since we were still pretty new, I really wanted to wait before we got into the period sex thing so I decided to go down on him instead. While I was blowing him, he kept saying how good it was and that he was close – you know, the usual pep talk. So I was really into it and when he told me he was about to come I just kept going and let him come in my mouth. At that moment, spitting it out didn’t seem like an option so I went ahead and swallowed it. The weird thing is, couple of seconds after I had swallowed, he looked up and asked me if I swallowed it and I got nervous and said “yeah, some of it”. His response to that was “ohh okay, cuz we haven’t been going out for that long so I don’t think we’re there yet.” We went out for another month after that but I never swallowed his again.” Amy, 23


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