Pink Bits

Pink Bits

What does it mean to grow up with pink bits between your legs? Writer Kat George takes you on a journey of self-discovery from the moment you’re pushed out of a vagina, to the moment you realize you have one, and the ongoing struggle of figuring out what it all means. From her first period, to sex in a hostel cloakroom, to fully lucid cervical biopsies, Kat’s charming, sometimes painful yet hilarious stories of feminine exploration will have you giggling, squirming, and hopefully feeling a little bit less alone when you’re face-to-face with your own sexuality.

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About The Writer

Kat George is a writer with a heart of gold. She’s written a book about her vagina, Pink Bits, for Thought Catalog, and is working on an IRL book as well as her first web series, The Big Gulp. She contributes to Thought Catalog, Vice, Noisey and Bullett, and you can catch her every Friday night in her pyjamas, ordering for one at LA Burrito

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