In Defense Of Period Sex

I think it’s weird when guys don’t want to have period sex (just to clarify, ‘period sex’ is when you have sex while a girl is ‘menstruating’ or ‘bleeding out of her vagina,’ in case you were wondering). Listen: I don’t think you should have to eat pussy when it’s leaking the red stuff, I don’t even think it’s necessary that you touch it with your hand (if you’re the queasy type it’s probably better if you don’t) but there are reasons why period sex is much less disgusting than you think.

See, I imagine the taste of blood isn’t so nice when it’s coming out of someone else’s genitals (even if you were the sort of kid that would graze themselves and then suck on the wound), hence why I can forgive a man for not wanting to go down on me while Aunty Flo’s in town. And I’m guessing any sort of digital action would probably lead to dirty sheets as his hands crept elsewhere in moments of passion, so I can sort of (only just) forgive him for not wanting to finger me when I’m on the rag. But sex? When your penis is covered in latex and you don’t have to taste it, look at it or touch it, no apologies, I don’t understand what the problem is.

So I’m going to go there and say what a lot of girls are afraid to say: guy, I would like you to fuck me even when I have my period. I don’t care if you’re my boyfriend or a one-night fling; I want you to do me, blood or no blood. I’ve been with guys who are less afraid of herpes. “Hey, let’s do it without a condom, girl I barely know,” now tell me, guy, how is risking contracting a STI so much more appealing to you than having sex with a woman who is menstruating? No, seriously. I want to know what is so much more abhorrent about the natural process that a woman’s body goes through, than say, syphilis or gonorrhea.

And I know, guy, that you don’t get your period (although sometimes you’re as annoyingly moody as if you did), so let me lay it down for you in a way you can understand. See, blood does not spray out of a woman’s vagina in a heavy stream when she has her period. Her vagina is not an open tap. Generally, women only lose around one fourth of a cup of blood while they are menstruating. It doesn’t spurt out like our vagina is a disembodied limb in a Tarantino film. And when you put a tampon, or a slightly larger, similarly shaped object up there, the flow of blood lessens and essentially, stays indoors.

The urban myth — which I’ve learned to be both prolific and dangerous — is that it’s “filthy” and “dirty,” but as someone who wont let a little blood get in her way, I’m here to tell you: it’s not. Blood does not “go everywhere.” It’s not like Vampire Bill and Lorena’s infamous romp in buckets of human blood. As I’ve already alluded, having period sex is synonymous with “plugging” the flow, and less blood comes out (if any, I find that it’s mostly contained to little bits of goop on the condom only) than your over active imagination seems to think.

And there are ways to be polite about it. I normally allay a man’s fears with a towel on the bed (which is always unnecessary) and by dealing with the condom myself afterwards, so for the squeamish boys there is little to no actual interaction with the blood at all. But—and here’s the clanger—period sex is actually really amazing, maybe better than all of the other kinds of sex you’ve ever had.

Here’s why: the woman is super horny. I’m not just talking sweaty afternoon delight horny or I’ve just seen Ryan Gosling without his shirt off horny—I’m talking the horniest of the horny. This means that your lady is going to be gyrating in ways you’ve never seen her move before. Mark my word, this girl is going to ride you in ways that Ginuwine only sung about. She’s pre-lubricated and ready to roll. Seriously, it’s going to be your own living porno.

And, as one very attentive young man once pointed out to me, “It would be disrespectful to a woman’s body to tell her when she can and can’t have sex.” Amen to that. We bleed once a month, guy, and this will some day enable one of us to carry your child. It doesn’t make us “gross” or any less worthy of a good bone. So stop asking me if you can put it in my butt or if I’ll have a threesome unless you’re willing to have some kinky as hell period sex with me. TC mark

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  • The Chief

    I’m a girl. This is gross…diverse and I applaud this site to have the balls to submit this…but it’s gross…really gross….

    • Carrie

      Are you insane? I’m a girl and I love period sex. YES. The mess is inconvenient BUT this is very true…>> “This means that your lady is going to be gyrating in ways you’ve never seen her move before, mark my word, this girl is going to ride you in ways that Ginuwine only sung about. She’s pre-lubricated and ready to roll. Seriously, it’s going to be your own living porno.” 

      • onyae

        It’s the best ever—not gross at all. Sex is sex haha

      • you're fucking disgusting.

        i already have living porno without having to puke all over the place you disgusting whore.

      • Teo

        Grow up loser.

    • Ninjaaduckie

      It really isn’t that gross at all if you’ve actually tried it. I thought the same thing, and then couldn’t help but to do it after I got the inevitable horyness of being on my period. It’s practically blood free, maybe occasionally a little on your thighs or on him but it’s not like murder scene bloody. Don’t knock it until you try it.

    • Megan


    • Anonymous

      Sex is gross really if you think about it, dear. But diving in an going for it makes it fun.

    • Kshity

      Noh, its not gross. The writer is right. They exactly know what they are talking about.

    • newagehippy

      Chief I’m with you I’m a chick and I’m not too big of a fan of it. Its just blah to go at it with my guy even and just make a mess. In the shower is one thing but anywhere else not for me.

  • Anonymous

    woman, you are my hero.  that is all.

  • kira aguilar

    this is the best article about sex ever

  • Guest

    I’m not so sure. If you’ve got super heavy periods and fill up one pad in an hour or so, I’m not sure sex is the way forward. It’ll look like a massacre. Kudos on writing this though, I mean, I’m all for everyone getting what they want when they want it…

    • Anonymous

      You can’t fill up one pad in an hour. That would be abnormally heavy bleeding and the girl should be brought in for check up. This, coming from a registered nurse.

      • Anonymous

        Actually some people are very heavy on the first day and being this heavy at that point is common. And yes, my doctor is aware. As long as it only lasts a few hours at the beginning. All women are different, registered nurse.

      • Anonymous

        We are not talking about “first days”. It wasn’t mentioned in her comment about when and at what point it should be heavy. Your clue word being “some”, means we are talking about the average. If you bleed heavy that’s yours on a case to case basis. You’re not even a doctor. 

      • Anonymous

        Actually you’re proving my point. She didn’t mention when her heavy bleeding was and you jumped right on her without even asking. Shouldn’t nurses ask questions before they assume?

      • Anonymous

        Actually I didn’t assume. I  simply stated something I know and learned. I simply said that filling up a pad in an hour can’t be normal and would be abnormal in most cases, compared to your “some” and she is unsure anyway. I was stating generally. This is futile. Pardon me if I don’t quite express myself well and my choice of words may not be the best to get my point across. Let’s just agree to disagree. 

    • Awesome-Sauce

      You guys. She didn’t even say if she was the super heavy bleeder. And this is probably an exaggeration. You’re both a bit silly. That being said, I am a super heavy bleeder. Not like, a pad an hour, but probably a pad every other hour. I also only bleed for two or three days. My doctor is aware and has said that it’s not even uncommon to bleed to that extent if you only bleed for a couple of days.

  • TO

    Kat George. Queen of shit and blood.

  • KatieP

    I agree, period sex is the best ever! Everything is super sensitive and already slippery. What’s not to like :D

  • Mandy

    I absolutely love you, Kat. Is it weird that this is my favorite thought of yours? Coming second is the pick up line one, naturally.

  • bwaha

    HAHA! I love this, it’s so true!

  • Sienna

    yes. I’m probably the horniest during my period. I’d love to have period sex, but.. ugh. it’s not just the guys, but me. I need to get over it. guys need to get over it.

    till then, it’s just me and my vibrator.

  • bookofrighton

    Blood=nature’s lube.

  • Julian Galette

    Ain’t nothing wrong with red wings. 

  • Ward Hegedus

    Period sex is amazing and everyone should try it. Not to be an obnoxious jackass, but I totally wrote about this as well.

    • Michael Koh


    • Michael Koh


    • Michael Koh


    • Michael Koh


  • Soch Bat

    Afterwards, you’re left with this awesome Rorschach of blood. True Story.

  • Isaiah Taylor

    Alright. I’m commenting on a Kat George article. Here’s the deal. I’m pretty sure Miss George [typical male thoughts assuming she is unmarried], probably writes the most vapid and least interesting articles for Thought Catalog [IMO of course]. I’m glad she churns the articles revolving around the many interesting ways she can fail at relationships. I’m sure everyone but me enjoys them.

    However, this is a good one. Speaking as a male who has been in three long-term relationships-only, this article is indeed ‘on to something.’ At least in my field of study.

    Couple things though. Depending on how sexually experienced and how open you may be, there are far more barriers to breach once diving into the ruby red sea. That was an unfortunate rhyme.

    If you were/are like me, and are in a long, trusting relationship. You’ll need to have the condom talk if she’s on the pill. Because once your little guy goes in there…don’t expect a polish or spit shine when it comes out. 

    Also, if she’s willing to do this with you [and trust me, she is…or she will be when things get stale] then chances are role playing is right around the corner. Essentially, this is when things can get strange for both parties if neither is comfortable with aggressive fantasies [rape, bdsm, furries…I mean…why not?] can be a little tricky to get your head around.

    Also, let’s not pretend that Aunt Flo is always a red head. Sometimes ladies have, what I like to call, Mississippi Mud down there. One time my ex didn’t tell me that she was on the rag and the lights were out [it’s a little game she played … called pissing me off]. The horror…the horror.

    But just remember we’re all humans and it’s all natural…kinda scary at first, but so was the first time you did anything sexually.

    After further experiments with period sex and the many twist and turns that can evolve, it can take a couple…it actually can be just as tame…or kinky as anal or any other orifice-based sex.

    • Isaiah Taylor

      Also, if either party decides to ‘double down’ on the oral post bloodbath, consider this a warning. If you kiss each other, with red-clown smiles, you are bonded together as spirit animals.

    • Isaiah Taylor

      Also, if either party decides to ‘double down’ on the oral post bloodbath, consider this a warning. If you kiss each other, with red-clown smiles, you are bonded together as spirit animals.

      • ASURADAI123


      • Rhee

        so gross.

      • HANNAH


    • Bubba

      Isaiah, anytime you feel the need to point out that something you wrote was an unfortunate rhyme, you should go back and delete what you just wrote and start over. . . or perhaps not. Perhaps rethink whether you should post at all. Just a tip.

  • Alison

    It’s real, it’s true and it’s awesomingly feverish

  • Vlad Shafir

    I stumbled upon this completely by accident…I am ambivalent either way.  If you like it – do it. If you don’t – don’t. This blog is a complete and total waste of someone’s time and keystrokes. After all, its everyone’s personal preference what they like or don’t like.

    • Polopopo

      pretty much all blogs are a waste of keystrokes… sorry

  • Rob T Firefly

    Good article, but its sentiments shouldn’t just be directed toward the guys.  In my experience some ladies are just as squicked about the idea as some guys are.

    If you’re into shower sex, the value of trying period sex there is worth noting.  It keeps the grossout factor way down for those sensitive, a woman’s partner may be more willing to use their hands, and as a fun bonus you can watch that cool Norman Bates effect around the drain.

  • Gregory Costa

    You’re a modern day Charlotte Brontë.   I know if Jane Eyre were written in the 2000s, Jane would be demanding that Mr. Rochester pound her bleeding vagina.   You’re just so progressive!

  • Susie Anderson

    “So stop asking me if you can put it in my butt or if I’ll have a
    threesome unless you’re willing to have some kinky as hell period sex
    with me”

    so legit.

    love your work babe

  • kahuna


    • Melvin Alvarez

      my friend’s gramps told me that.

    • Sara

      omg lol… delightful! haha

    • Stephanie Georgopulos

      This is hilarious.

    • douchegirl

      If it smells like chicken, keep on lickin’. If it smells like trout, get the hell out. 

  • Dontmind

    I’m a boy, and I am always down for it, but I can’t get my girlfriend to do it.

  • female guest

    something to consider is that you’re more likely to get a UTI after period sex

    • Isaiah Taylor

      ^Very true

      I would imagine the chances increase after such an act. But I can also see this adding to the kink factor…how sad is that?

  • Mark

    As my girlfriend and I always say: “Put a towel down, and boom!”

    • Kyle Angeletti

      You guys say that every time?

  • Tanya Salyers

    Wooo! Do it in the shower if you are freaking out about it and need to ease yourself in…(plus shower sex is super hot anyway).  Or put a towel down! It seriously is the best time to have sex.  It’s the only time I can get off from just sex alone.  

    Thank you Kat George for bringing awareness to this taboo!

    • Isaiah Taylor

      Shower sex is only cool if both people are getting an equal distribution of the water, unless you stay in the Southwest were temperature really isn’t that big of an issue. Jussayin.

      • Tanya Salyers

        I’m in Ohio, and water distribution isn’t an issue, lol.

      • Isaiah Taylor

        I’m in Ohio too and heat distribution is

  • Brogan

    Oh my god I love this!!! Im so so so glad you wrote about this because I have not met one person who doesn’t think its completely disgusting to have period sex. And I agree with everything you said I this post. Especially that we’re super fucking horny during our periods. Loveeee.

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