25 Men On The Stupidly Simple Things That Make Them Love Their Person Even More

These men from Ask Reddit can’t stop bragging about their relationships — and you can’t blame them.
Camila Cordeiro

16. She offers hugs and solutions to any problems

“She is quite frank. She is someone I would want on my squad. When I am pissed, about work or any situation, she offers solutions and hugs.

When the competition is fierce, she goes into a coach-mode and tells me I’ve got it and this is how to do it, and doesn’t criticize my small alterations to the plan.

I get a pat on the butt.

She remembers what needs to be done, as I try to as well and remind her of things.

We like to make lists.

She appreciates my physical abilities and when we are walking down the street and it seems shady, she tells me that. I say don’t worry. She says, ‘I’m not worried. You’re here. Just saying, this looks sketchy.’

When we watch tv and she’s starting to get tired, she lays her head on my lap. I run my hands through her hair and she falls asleep. Then I can’t get up to take a piss. So I sit in this wonderment of having a fantastic person using me as a pillow, and if I should disturb her to relieve myself.

I always look for a pillow in arms reach to replace me. When I return, she slightly wakes up and wants me back.

If I’m having a bad day, I come home to liquor, ginger beers (non-alcoholic), and indian food. Bought on my dime, but I didn’t have to order. Then I get to watch Sealab while she then let’s me lay on her lap and rubs my hair while I’ve got the itis.

She encourages me immensely. She makes me a better man. There are so many things I wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for her.

She said on one of our first dates, double date so she didn’t want to leave, that she really wanted a root beer float. ‘Do you know where to get one?’ I ran to a restaurant across the street, then ran to a bar to have the cup of ice cream filled with root beer, a mixer, and brought it back. Won her heart.

She wins mine by being there. We are celebrating five years together today, and looking to buy a house.” — expletive-expletive


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