12 Signs You’re Still A Shy Girl


1. When you’re prompted by Professors to get into groups…

You still look around the room, waiting for someone who looks semi-approachable to approach you first. You’re not trying to be rude or neglectful of the Professor’s request. You just feel awkward. The phrase “Partner up” still gives you the heebie-jeebies.

2. Even when you know the answer, your hand stays down…

Crickets are chirping and the answer to “What are the full names of the Ringling Brothers?,” is right on the tip of your tongue. But “P.T. Barnum and James Bailey,” will never hear the light of day. Your Communication Professor and classmates will be stuck in limbo, unfortunately not at the circus.

3. People still ask your friends “What’s wrong with her?” or “What’s her problem?”…

They assume you’re stuck up, because you don’t talk. I guess the dirty little secret is a bit meaner than you thought.

4. You hate talking on the phone…

When your phone rings, you check who it is and sheepishly set your phone to silent. No one will ever know, except everyone around your office cubicle and your Grandma, who just wanted to know if the pan she gave you for your apartment last Christmas is working.

(Yes Grandma, my French fries are perfectly crisp every time.)

5. You question the importance of your Facebook statuses, Twitter updates and yes, even Linkedin posts…

Writing “I just got hired at (insert company name here), so excited!,” on Facebook makes you question whether or not people will think you’re bragging or are just plain self righteous. You delete it immediately to avoid potential backlash. On Twitter, when you tweet “Loved the newest issue of @(insert magazine alias Twitter name here),” you wonder whether or not it was a good idea- you don’t want it to seem like you’re being a butt-kisser and want free magazines. Then, there’s Linkedinn- are you even supposed to give post updates?

6. You still can’t tell people when you’re angry with them…

But your best friend- they know all about who’s grinding your gears.

7. You look and sound like you need to go to the hospital when you’re trying to tell someone ‘how you feel’…

Everything just kind of sounds like one long and jumbled word- “I like ahepoaiveaopiajrpeijapoeaoeiaeipaeoja.” Pheuw- said it!

8. You think everyone understands your subliminal messages…

“But, I told him ‘See you later.’ Doesn’t he know that means, ‘Come over so I can make you spaghetti and we can watch a romantic movie?’ Jeesh! I knew he wasn’t worth my time.”

9. When you see someone you know in public, you still walk with your head down and avoid eye contact…

You don’t want to start a conversation — not because you don’t like them, but because- well, no one’s really sure why you’re still walking with your head down actually. (Raise it and say hello!)

10. Flashbacks about gym class locker rooms made you concerned about having a roommate…

Is she judging you and your body? It’s not perfect, but she’s a girl too, she knows the feels, right? Right?

11. When someone takes your photo, you feel like you need a bucket…

You don’t like your picture being taken, because self-indulgent selfies or even regular selfies, just sort of freak you out. You don’t want your face all over the internet and are afraid the internet doesn’t even like your face to begin with. You’re not Cara Delevingne! Who would want to see your face on the internet?

12. You still don’t laugh at funny parts of movies or television series…

You don’t want to draw too much attention on yourself, even when you’re watching SNL and the rest of the room is breaking out into mass hysteria. You just smile and nod along. Will they ever hear your weird animal-like laughter? Nope. Never.

Let’s not forget about the perks of being shy, however:

You take active responsibility to think before you speak, you appear as modest, because you don’t overcompensate by attempting to engage in overly stimulating conversation or attention-getting gestures, you have a calming presence that others are drawn to, people trust you, you develop deeper, more intimate friendships, you’re sensitive to the feelings of others and you find large rewards in small experiences. You, arguably, experience life more fully.

Everyone has quirks, Miss Shy Girl. Don’t worry about yours, because odds are your oddities are what make you pretty special too. TC mark


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