5 Things Women Do That Drive Men Crazy

Obviously, not all women or girls do this and many men do some of these things as well. For my part, I’ve noticed some of these behaviors among women I’ve dated who were altogether decent people otherwise. These are possibly the most intolerable behaviors I’ve ever come across even if they don’t happen all the time.
Crying..By Anders Ljungberg
Anders Ljungberg

1. You’re always late

I can understand why you’re late sometimes. Life happens and it can take your best laid plans and knock them all over the floor. But if you’re always late and people are always having to make excuses for you then there’s a problem. If your boyfriend has taken to lying about what time you need to be ready so that he can trick you into being ready on time then there’s a problem. Get it together, quit getting pulled into tangents like trying a new hair style that takes an extra half hour and don’t decide your nails have to be redone five minutes before it’s time to leave. Also, “almost ready” doesn’t mean “ready in a half hour.” It means “we will be walking out the door in the next five minutes.”

2. You’re unable to tell people what’s wrong

Use your words. We both know that you’re going to tell me anyway and we both know that if I don’t keep asking you what’s wrong when something is clearly wrong then later on you’ll say that I didn’t care about your feelings. So, can we skip to the part where we fix the problem by talking about it rather than waiting for you to feel appropriately badgered to the point you’re willing to spit it out?

3. You think work is supposed to be fun

Right now there are hundreds of millions of people going to jobs they hate so they can bring home money and provide for their families. If you think for one second that work is supposed to be fun all the time, that it’s supposed to fulfill you, then you’re putting your eggs in the wrong basket. Work is about money. If it were otherwise then they’d call it charity. Now suck it up.

4. You don’t even ask your manfriend how they’re doing, ever

This is all too common, unfortunately. I think there’s a very real tendency on the part of some women to sincerely believe that men love hearing them talk about themselves for every minute of the day. I remember an especially failed relationship I was in where, for two months, I counted every day that she didn’t ask me anything about myself but instead talked about her problems, aspirations, worries. Guess what happened at the end of those two months? That’s right, dumpsville, population her. Your guy may not have anything to say but you should always ask. Also, understand that hearing about problems day after day is emotionally taxing. It can come to monopolize the relationship. Handle your shit a bit more and ask about others a bit more. You’ll feel better about your own problems.

5. You say that you like things that you don’t actually like

No, you don’t like camping. You know how I know this? You never go camping.

I think women are under a battleship’s worth of weight to believe that they like things that they absolutely do not like at all. There’s nothing wrong with not liking things. You’re not going to hurt my feelings, just don’t SAY you do. See, because if I think you like camping then I’m going to go camping with you and if you keep coming up with reasons that you can’t “this weekend” then I’m going to put it off in the hopes that you can another weekend. If this just keeps happening then I never get to go camping. Stop bullshitting yourself. You don’t have to like everything no matter what tv, radio, Cosmo, Jezebel is telling you the latest “way to be a woman” is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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