14 Proper Ways To Think About What Exactly A Big Penis Is

11. I believe pornography has created an epidemic of men who are afraid that everyone around them has a bigger dick than they do.

This can have terrible effects, psychologically, because it can translate to being bitter and overly passive or overly aggressive in non-sexual aspects of their lives.

If you believe that porn displays the average then stop it. If you believe you can never be a good lover unless you have one like “that” then stop it. Absolutely, stop it, and don’t look ever again.

It will only twist you up and lie to you. It is cock shaming. Don’t let a monied industry hurt you. You wouldn’t do that with anything else you put in your body so don’t do that with “erotica.”

12. Use “boy butter” to masturbate (search Amazon).

It’s marketed as gay ass lube but it really is the best lube I’ve ever used. I recommend it for non-anal sex with women as well. Yes, this was an aside.

13. Different men and women have different anatomies and temperaments.

There is no one size fits all regarding cock size. If you’re forgiving of differences in this regard then your relationships will go better and you’ll have less stress in your life.

14. I’m just going to repeat this because I think it’s truly important and I mean this physically and mentally.

Don’t ever stand for cock shaming. Leave or change your circumstances. Life is difficult enough without worrying about what you were born with. No woman of any decency will do this to you no matter what she prefers. More people than I’d like are not decent people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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