The Psychological Truth About Why Men And Women Think Differently About Relationships

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Psychological studies have always shown that there are significant differences between the way men and women think …ESPECIALLY when it comes to relationships. The main psychological differences between the genders are in the way they:

  • Think
  • Process
  • And communicate

…information. And the problem is that both genders are often not aware these differences exist! This means a person can easily become confused and annoyed when their partner does not do something or reacts to something in the way they had been expecting.

For example, a woman might share a problem with her man simply because she wants to RELEASE the stress she is feeling about that problem, rather than actually looking for a SOLUTION from the guy. If the guy then proceeds to try and give her a solution, she’s going to subconsciously feel annoyed because the guy is not giving her what she was looking for.

All she wanted was to talk in order to relieve stress.

So, in order to avoid conflict in a relationship, one of the best advices I can give is to try and better understand how your partners brain is designed and functions different from yours. This is what this article is about.

The 4 Major Areas Of Difference

Now, any psychological differences between the genders that can be listed out here can only ever be done so in a generalized manner. These are the areas of major differences:

  1. Sensitivity: When it comes to sensitivity, men are less likely to take emotions and feelings into consideration when making a decision. They often base their decisions solely on logic. Women, in general, have higher sensitivity compared to men. This is why women are more inclined to act on their emotions instead of their rational thought. It also allows them to understand their own feelings, as well as that of others, better and consider them more than logic. The difference in the level of sensitivity between men and women can result in problems within the relationship. A woman may think that the man hurt her feelings intentionally if a man makes a logical decision. Likewise, men can feel frustrated when women make irrational decisions.
  2. Communication: Men’s communication style is more contemplative and would rather deal with problems internally than to discuss them with others. They take much thought and consideration before they even decide to share a problem. Women, on the other hand, tend to be more vocal. They believe that sharing problems with their partner will help them understand the problem better and come up with a resolution. They use communication as a tool to figure out solutions and reach a conclusion.
  3. Memory: Men’s memory is stronger when they can associate the details of an event with something concrete like an item or location. For instance, they can most likely remember an event when they are able to visualize where it happened. Women’s memory is stronger when they can associate the emotions they felt with a particular memory with that of other memories which brought similar emotions. This is the reason why women tend to bring up past situations that angered them whenever they get angry with their partner.
  4. Problem Solving: When it comes to solving problems, men differ from women in thought processes. While both sexes are equally capable of solving problems, the process involved to achieve resolution varies. Men look at problems as an opportunity to demonstrate quick and efficient problem solving skills. Their ultimate goal is to have the problem solved. They believe that the best solution is one which can solve the problem quickest and most efficiently. Women, on the other hand, look at problems as an opportunity for both partners to work in a relationship to reach a solution. They consider the act of working together in solving a problem more important than the problem itself being solved. The resolution process draws them and their partner together even if the problem is still there.

Analyzing The Psychological Differences Between The Genders More Deeply

Now, any psychological differences between the genders that can be listed out here can only ever be done so in a generalized manner. Sometimes you will get a guy who is more sensitive than girl …and a guy who is better at communicating than a girl.

This is why you need to take one step further when analyzing the way your partners mind works. This step involves analyzing their specific personality type (which is independent of gender). In my book “The Lovemap Code” I include a manual (based on the world famous DISC profiling system) which shows you how to analyse your partners personality type into one of four groups:

  1. Dominant
  2. Influential
  3. Supporter
  4. Conservative

When you understand which personality type your partner has, you will be able to see how this personality type tends to react in various situations. I show how to not only use this information to drastically reduce arguments in a relationship …but how to program your partner into becoming emotionally attached to you by satisfying the core needs people of that personality type are subconsciously looking for.

This allows you to not only make the person fall in love with you ..but keep them in love with you afterwards. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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John Alex Clark is a Relationship & Life Coach. He is the founder of the website Relationship Psychology.

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