“You Will Not Move From This Spot Until I Make You Cum With My Mouth.”


“I want you to promise me one thing,” he says, guiding me back on the bed with one hand up my sweatshirt. He is licking one of my nipples through the fabric, spreading a dark stain on the grey. His hair is wet from a shower, and I am slick with the shimmery, coconutty oil I rubbed on right before I came.

“Hmmmm …” I manage to reply as his tongue does lazy circles. He’s lifting up my shirt now and tonguing the skin under my boobs. His dick is very hard, poking between my oiled-up legs.

“You will not move from this spot until I make you come with my mouth.”

And so I don’t. I lie back and try to stay perfectly still as heat flushes through me, priming me for what’s to come. He sets a little pipe in my mouth and lights it for me. I draw in the dark green smoke and exhale just as he places the tip of his tongue on my clit. I close my eyes and gasp, remembering that I am not allowed to move from now on. My hands must stay near my head, so I hook them in the headboard.

For the next twenty minutes, his hot mouth traces patterns and beats a rhythm on me until I am twisting and writhing and yelping over the music. It’s humid in his room and the fans spin lazy circles of warm air over us, making every little hair on my body feel more alive. Suddenly he stops and guides me to straddle his face. I come in big, intense waves as his tongue flicks and flicks so hard and fast. I see stars, as cliché as that sounds, and fall off his face laughing and vibrating so intensely I’m afraid I’ll fall off the bed.

I take a minute to slowly pull my top off, then return the favor and light the pipe for him. While he’s hitting it, I pour a little coconut oil into my hand and slowly massage each of my boobs as he watches. I play with my own nipples, tracing patterns around each one, then grab his hand so he can feel how hard they are. As he’s investigating with his fingers and then his tongue, I drizzle a little more coconut oil onto my clit and finger myself, then reach around to cup his balls. I tug twice.

This is too much for him. He tosses me onto my stomach and teases me by pointing out where each of my chakras is, head to toe, telling me where they connect. I’m still in the haze of my orgasm, enjoying the sensation of his hands on my oiled-up skin. But then, suddenly, he’s inside of me. I remind myself to breathe.

“I told you I was gonna fuck you extra hard tonight,” he whispers into my ear as he shoves his whole weight into me from behind. I gasp and feel every inch as he thrusts once, twice, faster, harder. I yelp, and arch my back up to meet each one. “Didn’t I tell you I was gonna fuck you hard? Didn’t I?”

“Yes … yes … you did,” I reply. We fuck this way, sweaty, hazy, hot, until I’m aching for another high-quality orgasm. “Let me go down on you again,” he says. “I wanna eat your pussy again.” But I want to keep that massive hard dick inside me, so I get on top and swivel my hips, tits bouncing, til I come. And then again. I was so blissed out I let him come, sticky and warm, all over my tits.

I drove home feeling deliciously fucked up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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