10 Items Every Girl Needs In Her Lingerie Drawer


I’m a firm believer that once you hit a certain age and you’re a bonafide, sexual woman, you should have a lingerie drawer. It doesn’t need to be big or fancy. It just needs to be well-stocked.

Here’s what you need:

1. A cute, lacy silk slip. Good for sleepovers, post-sex breakfast at home, getting ready to go out, and generally just looking adorable around the house. I like them short, with lace at the hem and in a floral pattern, but whatever floats your lingerie boat. Cute with hoodies, sweaters and big thick socks if you want to tone down the vamp factor.

2. A pair of fishnet stockings. These are a great way to feel a little retro and/or trashy without going too far. I think they make your legs look really sexy too.

3. At least one matching bra & panty set. You don’t need to spend $75 on a set at Victoria’s Secret, dude. They’re usually cheap and don’t fit right anyway. Marshall’s and TJ Maxx are pretty good resources for cute, inexpensive sets from brands like Calvin Klein and Jessica Simpson (love her shit!). Otherwise, if you’ve got small boobs, sometimes I see adorable little bralettes at Forever 21. (Those bitches don’t make bras for big-boobed girls, sadly.) When you’re wearing a matched set under your clothes, you feel different.

4. Something really trashy from Frederick’s of Hollywood. I’m a big fan of their teddies. What!? They’re cute, cheap and dudes go craaaaaaazy for them. If your normal style is sweet and innocent, wearing one of these might give you a bad-girl boost in the bedroom, which is never a bad thing.

5. Thigh-high stockings. You can get them to match a garter belt, but you don’t need one. Seriously, how the hell did ladies hook that shit together every damn day AND wear a girdle to boot? No thanks. It’s a tough mission to find thigh-highs that stay up and don’t dig into your thighs (girl with thighs speaking from experience), but it is possible. A little thigh-high action peeking from under a skirt hem is always, always sexy.

6. Something red. Well, duh.

7. Something femme-fatale black lace. Isn’t black lace the sexiest thing in the entire world? If I had my way, all I would wear is black lace. It’s pretty much all I DO wear. The possibilities are endless! You could do a simple lace bralette and matching panty, or even a sheer babydoll nightie with black lace cups! Black lace + red lipstick = insta-boner.

8. A few good bras. A girl’s gotta have a T-shirt bra (Mine’s Chantelle, best $80 I ever spent!), a bombshell push-up bra (just for fun), and a sheer bra. These are just the rules of bra-wearing.

9. Panties for all occasions. No-show thongs are important for wearing under tight dresses when you MUST wear underwear (a wedding is not the place to go commando!). Bikinis or boyshorts in cotton because taking care of your vagina is important, and it needs to breathe. A few “sexy” pairs for seduction, but they’ve gotta be what YOU feel sexiest in and not your partner. If he likes G-strings and you don’t, then don’t fucking wear those nasty things, girl.

10. And of course, your comfort lingerie. It isn’t really lingerie, but every girl has the underwear she always reaches for when she’s sad/hungover/sick. Mine are these giant American Apparel black boyshorts. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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