13 Things That All Girls With Brothers Can Relate To

Twenty20 / 1606pat
Twenty20 / 1606pat

Having siblings makes growing up more interesting, even if it doesn’t necessarily make it more fun at times. For girls with brothers, it’s especially awesome.

Why? We get a lot of perspective on how guys work, including how long they take in the bathroom every morning, how often they ignite their own flatulence, how long they sulk and lose themselves in World Of Warcraft after a breakup, and more.

Brothers can also come in handy when it comes to picking out gifts for your boyfriends, picking out boyfriends in general (they have cute friends!), and occasionally covering for you when you break curfew.

However, brothers aren’t always a picnic, and any girl who grew up with one or more male siblings in her life can confirm that. Here are just a few of the struggles that girls with brothers grow up dealing with on a daily basis:

1. You’re used to having your boyfriends’ lives threatened.

2. You struggle to keep from laughing at inopportune times.

3. Over time, you became very agile and develop a high tolerance for physical pain.

4. Long car rides may as well have been Guantanamo Bay.

5. You can’t even get peace at home at that time of the month.

6. When he brings home girls you know are bad news but he doesn’t listen to you, you have no choice but to voice your disapproval anyway.

7. Your awkward phase doesn’t matter.

8. You’re dragged to more little league games than you can stand. You try to find ways to make them bearable.

9. You’re expected to find farts funny.

10. Your brothers ask you for an “in” with your hot friends…

11. But refuses to let his anywhere near you.

12. He asks for help picking out gifts for his girlfriends, and, well, sometimes it’s a little TMI.

13. Even when he drives you insane, you still love him to death. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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