25 Things You Need To Know About Georgia

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1. The weather here is just as inconsistent as your ex-girlfriend.

2. We call all interstates in Georgia, “The Highway”.

3. Only in Atlanta is everything named “Peachtree” without a single tree with peaches around.

4. Terio and Honey Boo Boo were born and raised here.

5. “Knuck if you Buck” is the song we will always get hype to no matter the age.

6. White girls wear Nike shorts with big t-shirts covering their shorts. (How many can you spot?)

7. Zaxbys is what you eat.

 Cculber007 at en.wikipedia
Cculber007 at en.wikipedia

8. We call it a “rag” not a “washcloth”.

9. Going outside at anytime during the summer instantly guarantees a minimum a 7 bug bites.

10. In Georgia when someone ask, “Where you from?”, people usually reply with a county not a city.

11. The speed limit is 65 mph but if you’re not going at least 80 mph you’ll be ran off the road.

12. In Georgia it’s not a shopping cart, it’s a buggy.

13. We get more inches of pollen in a week than inches of snow in a full year.

14. You say Georgia, we say Jawja.

15. Sweet tea is our water.


16. The night has been a success if you ended up at Waffle House.

17. In Georgia it’s necessary to look at the weather before picking out an outfit.

18. We pray that we get snow during the winters.

19. We are the creators of, “Turn Up”.

20. Here in Georgia white girls can twerk. No Miley Cyrus.

21. You will usually be 30 minutes away from just about every destination that you’re heading to.

22. There’s a Waffle House in walking distance of every Waffle House.

23. Any dark soda is simply called “Coke”.

24. We pronounce it “Atlanna”.

25. Braves, Falcons & UGA are the teams we really care about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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