This Is What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Know About 2021’s Uranus Retrograde

Uranus will be retrograde beginning August 18 and it will go direct January 18, 2022. With this six month transit, we will all feel the urge to break free or rebel. Luckily, the Uranus transit will begin with Mars in trine with Uranus on August 22, adding some productive flow and opportunities to break from our boring routines. This could be a time to begin an exciting project that you have considered for some time. While Saturn is in Aquarius, both planets will continue to clash until next year, so the frustrating periods that were felt for most of the year will continue. Nevertheless, August and September will be fruitful times for this transit before things begin to intensify in October and November. The best course will be to go with the flow, don’t take any crazy risks, and always be practical about your choices so that if you are met with surprises, you’ll have some ways of handling the shockwaves this planet can bring.

Aries – This Uranus in Taurus transit has allowed you to appreciate yourself a lot more. Know your worth during this transit and understand that it is beyond the material. During retrograde, you will be experiencing some volatility with finances as well as changes in relationships with the people in your life. Appreciate how your hard work and efforts have allowed you to grow and expand.

Taurus – A predominant theme for you this transit will involve self-reflection as Uranus transforms the way you view yourself. You have been pushed out of your comfort zone, and while it has been unnerving, you are now more receptive to changes. During retrograde, your career comes more into focus, and you will see how your efforts will begin to pay off with surprises along the way.

Gemini – You are recognizing the need to let go and heal emotionally and spiritually with this Uranus transit. This year might have initiated a period of expansion and growth through seeking higher knowledge or learning something new. This upcoming six-month transit will elaborate more on those topics and how much more knowledge you can attain.

Cancer – Connecting with others will be on your mind during this transit. It could be a hard period as you notice your social circles beginning to fluctuate. Try your best to steer clear of the drama that others might try to drag you in. You could see an increase in responsibilities during this time and it could add some frustration, but you can have good news from superiors at work or professors at school if you have been consistent.

Leo – Career goals might feel as if they are within your reach but at times the volatility Uranus can bring might fill you with plenty of insecurities. During this retrograde period, try to reflect on what you have accomplished and focus on the positive side of things. Saturn might be bringing up uncertainties that could be expanded by Uranus. Remember to believe in yourself and don’t let doubt stop you.

Virgo – A wonderful moment of this transit will be the planets in your sign in aspect to Uranus. While others might feel frustrated, you could feel optimistic about what lies ahead. Uranus retrograde opens your mind to new experiences and opportunities. This will only serve to motivate you more to pursue your goals. Get ready for the adventure that lies ahead.

Libra – Understanding your needs and goals becomes a powerful focus for you during this transit. While you might have felt limited, you can see your confidence building up to break free from doubt brought about from the Saturn in Capricorn transit. Saturn inspires your creativity and Uranus allows you to rebel against the past and any memories that have held you back.

Scorpio – There have been a lot of changes in your friendships or partnerships during this Uranus in Taurus transit, but the retrograde is going to allow you to analyze who has been there for you, who has been faithful, and who has not. Your romantic relationships can experience a big transformation as well, as you could see the dynamic shifting if you are paired up. Single Scorpios might feel the need to stay alone and explore being more independent with this retrograde period.

Sagittarius – Matters of health and self-care will be on your mind during this retrograde period. It is the perfect time to be more responsible about your schedule and be more mindful of the times you need to take a break or have some vacation days. Uranus will remind you that overworking yourself will not be fundamental, so become more aware of when you need to take a day off or do more meditation.

Capricorn – While you see your finances transformed this year and through the next, Uranus will provide optimism, even if you feel unstable or like you’re spiraling out of control at times. This retrograde might make you feel brave about meeting new people and the future. Your sense of optimism can be intoxicating at this time. Just a reminder to keep grounded with your plans, especially if your ideas might seem astronomical.

Aquarius – During this six-month transit, you are seeing how Saturn has made you more patient and disciplined. With this greater responsibility, you might have felt frustrated at some point this year, but Uranus Retrograde will allow you to reflect on the things that matter. You are also going to have a better way to handle pressure at work and find balance at home.

Pisces – Learning will become very important for you during this transit, and it might even allow you to dive into philosophical subjects or you might consider learning something you have been passionate about that sparks your creativity. This retrograde will make you feel liberated and not as retrained in your pursuit of knowledge.

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