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I Accidentally Went On A Bender To Combat My Fear of Flying

To properly get into this story, I have to take you back in time to 2009. I was about 30,000 feet in the air, clutching my armrest for dear life as the tiny plane I was on dropped thousands of feet in the air. Maybe it wasn’t literally thousands of feet , but it was enough to inflict a fear of flying deep into my heart for years.

Amtrak Isn’t Romantic

The Internet is pulsing with stories about forlorn writers fantasizing about penning their masterpiece from a little room on a swiftly-moving Amtrak train. I’ve recently conquered a a fear of flying, but before that happened, I rode a lot of trains. I’ve had pleasant trips from New York City to Montreal and boring rides from Connecticut to Georgia.

Classic Emma Stone

This is an excerpt from Jeremy Glass’s new book, Aimless, a collection of short stories featuring bursts of fictional oddities, cerebral essays, and various references to sexual fantasies gone terribly awry.

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