Psychedelic Water®

Psychedelic Water® Is The Safe, Legal Way To Expand Your Mind

Sponsored post. Its all-natural ingredients promote feelings of happiness, creativity, and mental focus.

Psychedelic drugs are generally associated with the 1960s counterculture movement. Today these mind-expanding drugs are experiencing a comeback. Several states are legalizing psychedelic mushrooms, and their powerful therapeutic benefits are finally getting recognition from mental-health experts. While shrooms are not yet legally allowed in consumer products, a beverage company called Psychedelic Water® is helping to normalize psychedelics with a 100% legal mood-boosting beverage.

Alcohol is the usual option for people looking for a mood-altering beverage. Psychedelic Water® is offering an alternative with its tongue-tingling drinks that promote happiness, creativity, and mental focus. Unlike alcohol or energy drinks, Psychedelic Water® does not result in hangovers, jitters, or other adverse side effects. It is not using CBD or THC to achieve this either.

What makes this drink work?

Psychedelic Water®

Psychedelic Water®
Image via Psychedelic Water®

Psychedelic Water® contains a blend of mood-boosting plants that promote a sense of calm euphoria. Ingredients include:

Kava Root – For generations, inhabitants of the South Pacific have turned to Kava Root as a way to relax because of its ability to melt away stress and induce feelings of warmth and happiness.

Damiana Leaf – Once used as an aphrodisiac, damiana leaf is now commonly used to combat stress and discomfort.

Green Tea – Green Tea is antioxidant-rich and has myriad health benefits. The small amount of caffeine also nicely balances out the kava root, which can make some people sleepy.

Combining these ingredients, Psychedelic Water® produces a mild mood boost and a warm, calm euphoria. It is 100% legal and 100% alcohol-free, so it’s perfect for home, work, or a night on the town. Anytime you need a pick-me-up, reach for a can and let the unique blend work its magic.

As attitudes and our nation’s laws toward psychedelic drugs change and evolve, Psychedelic Water® may add traditional psychedelics to the mix. Luckily, you do not have to wait to experience a mood-boosting beverage that is truly unique. Psychedelic Water® says part of its mission is to get people talking about psychedelics, and bringing a few cans to your next family gathering will spark some conversations. Click here to learn more about Psychedelic Water® today, and see for yourself.

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