10 Simple Ways To Make Your Monday Suck Way Less

10 Simple Ways To Make Your Monday Suck Way Less
Nathan Dumlao

Bottom line: nobody likes Monday. You wake up in the morning contemplating your life, wondering why weekends are only a mere 48 hours. I’ve experienced so many embarrassingly pitiful Monday mornings dreading the week to come, but decided to find ways to make my life flourishing with positivity and livelihood. I’ve used some of the following techniques to jump start my week and walk into the office Monday morning with a small smile, instead of RBF.

1. Make an awesome playlist with some new and old jams. Music is one of the best ways to turn your frown upside down and get pumped for that Monday morning commute! Create a playlist with some uplifting songs that make you happy, party jams that make you dance, and you’ll almost forget it’s Monday. Check out one of my favorite playlists, oldies but goodies.

2. Count your blessings. Although this should be practiced everyday, it’s always a positive practice to start your week. Thanking who/whatever you believe in for your health, family, job, and your blessed life is something that will turn around any bad attitude!

3. Prepare food filled with awesomeness. I know I’m not the only person who gets excited for the day after meal prep. When you have something delicious to look forward to at lunch or have all the ingredients to make a power-food filled breakfast, you wake up excited. If you don’t feel this way, you’re doing it wrong! Look up a fun and easy new recipe and start doing some meal prep for your upcoming week, you’ll be surprise at how it affects your attitude.

4. Plan something. If you’re dreading that Monday morning of work, have something planned to look forward to after! A happy hour with your crazy friends, a spontaneous shopping spree, some Groupon activity, a massage, or a date night with your significant other. Having some fun-filled event planned for after work will keep your anticipation levels high and keep your attitude positive throughout the day.

5. Do something new. Many people have made it their resolution to try new things. Trying something new in your typical routine each morning can really give you the motivation you need to face the week. Maybe wake up earlier and fit a workout in, drink green tea or make fresh fruit juice instead of chugging coffee. Maybe try to find a quicker way to work, or try something new for breakfast. Small, simple changes can open your eyes to something better for your current routine, and maybe turn your morning around for the better.

6. Find something funny. One of my favorite morning activities in the morning is checking Twitter and Instagram for a good laugh. I follow a lot of accounts with hilarious memes and phrases that really boost my mood in the morning. My recommendations for Twitter are Ghetto Translations. On Insta, The Fat Jewish and Beige Cardigan. If you’re not my age, maybe find something more appropriate, but still comical.

7. Prepare on Sunday. Get all the things you need ready for your Monday, so you have less to worry about when you wake up thinking about Monday. Prepare your work things, outfit, meal prep, and any other mundane task. You’ll be thankful you did and have more time for yourself.

8. Review or create goals. Whether you made goals for the new year or are in the middle of a long-term one, reviewing your goals or creating a new one can give your inspiration and drive to stay motivated! Goal setting is important in every aspect of life, and it’s something that has kept me focused throughout slow weeks.

These last two tips I have discussed before in my Can you wake up? blog. They seem stupidly easy, and not too important, but the difference it makes to your morning routine (not just on Monday), have significant results to your life satisfaction.

9. Stretch. Stretching is a good way to wake yourself up in the morning and can really boost you up out of bed.

10. Chug water. Water has inevitable positive effects on the body: Waking you up, keeping your energized throughout the day, curbing your appetite, and more!


I use these tips and tactics whenever I’m feeling like Mondays, or any day of the week, need to F off. Try any one or all of these and see yourself turn into an active morning person, who can kind of stand Mondays. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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