The Location Each Zodiac Sign Finds Sexy AF

The Location Each Zodiac Sign Finds Sexy AF


A darkened movie theater. You love the idea of sneaking kisses in public.


A five-star restaurant. Nothing gets you in the mood faster than fancy food and wine.


A hot tub. There’s nothing sexier than slipping into bathing suits and drinking cocktails in the water.


Your own bedroom. You feel the most comfortable when you’re inside a place you’ve built yourself


The beach. You want to feel the sun on your back and wind in your hair.


A hotel room. It doesn’t matter where you are. All that matters is it’s fun and fresh!


A massage parlor. Getting pampered is the perfect way to win your heart.


A dance club. Pressing your bodies close while your favorite music plays is such a turn-on.


A boat. Nothing is more romantic than the view of the water.


A wooden cabin. There’s something special about feeling like you’re the only two people in the world.


The fireplace. Sharing a blanket and snacks near the fire is like a rom-com brought to life.


The mountains. You would love to go skiing or sledding with the love of your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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