The Reality Show Each Zodiac Sign Would Be Amazing On

The Reality Show Each Zodiac Sign Would Be Amazing On


American Ninja Warrior. You’re adventurous and up for anything. You might not make it through the course, but you’d have a fun time trying.


Nailed It. You enjoy baking — but aren’t the best at it. You don’t mind making a mess.


The Circle. You’re a skilled liar and could easily make others believe you’re someone else.


The Amazing Race. You’re great at working as a team. When you’re with the person who means the most to you, you can accomplish anything.


Survivor. You love spending time outdoors and you’re competitive, so you would kill it at competitions.


The Voice. You love being the center of attention and showing off your talent.


Love Island. You enjoy flirting with strangers and could make anyone fall in love with you.


Dancing With The Stars. You’re not a star (yet) but you would have a blast learning new dance moves every week.


The Bachelor/Bachelorette. You’re picky and would love to have a million people fighting for your attention.


Big Brother. You’re good at reading other people and manipulating them into doing what you want.


The Great Christmas Light Fight. You love putting up decorations and feeling like a kid around the holidays.


The Great British Baking Show. You’re creative and could come up with adorable, delicious creations. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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