7 Crappy People You Should Leave Behind In 2021

7 Crappy People You Should Leave Behind In 2021

1. Leave behind people who try to stunt your growth. Leave behind people who want you to be the same exact person you were years ago, when you first met them. People change. Ideas change. Personalities change. You shouldn’t feel pressured to act like the kid you used to be back before you knew more about the world. You’re growing and changing — and that’s a beautiful thing. You should surround yourself with people who encourage you to keep learning more about the world, not people who try to anchor you in place.

2. Leave behind people who act like they’re above you. Leave behind people who think that they’re so much better than you because they’re making more money or have a ring on their finger or have children in their belly. Leave behind people who expect you to want the exact life that they have and act like you’re falling behind because you don’t have those things yet. Leave behind people who make you feel like you’re lesser than them even though you’re equals.

3. Leave behind people who are unable to control their temper. People who are unable to apologize. People who continue making the same mistakes again and again without learning from them. You shouldn’t be having the same stale arguments with someone again in 2021. If they cannot accept their failings, work on their flaws, and try to avoid making more mistakes, then you don’t need them in your world. You deserve better.

4. Leave behind people who are uncomfortable with your authenticity. You shouldn’t hang around people who expect you to be happy all the time, who are bothered when you admit you aren’t doing the greatest. You should have friends who encourage you to keep it real with them, who encourage you to vent when something has gone wrong. Your friends should be there for you during your worst times, not just the fun times.

5. Leave behind people who treat your accomplishments as personal losses. You shouldn’t waste your time with people who are upset by your successes. Your friends should be celebrating your wins. They should be popping champagne and crying tears of joy alongside you. If they are overly jealous, and cannot even bear to congratulate you on a job well done, then they aren’t worthy of your time.

6. Leave behind people who make your life worse. Don’t keep someone around because you feel guilty about saying goodbye, because you have a long history with them, or because you feel like you owe them your friendship. If someone is actively making your life worse, then you shouldn’t keep them around any longer. You should walk away without a glimpse back.

7. Leave behind people who fail to make time for you. Everyone is busy with their own lives. They might not have much time to spend with you lately, even though they love you dearly. However, if they make a habit out of ignoring all your texts and canceling all your plans, it’s natural to be upset. It’s natural to assume you’ve grown apart and don’t need to remain in each other’s lives anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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