30 Sex-Starved People Reveal The Kinkiest Thing They Want To Do (But Can't)

30 Sex-Starved People Reveal The Kinkiest Thing They Want To Do (But Can’t)

The people on Ask Reddit have some strange fantasies.

1. Have sex with my girlfriend while a mutual friend watches. I’m into exhibition but not for strangers because then it’s not significant.

2. Getting messy in expensive clothing is kinda kinky. I just want to spoil things and do something that is tasteless and wrong.

3. Raw dog someone over a park bench in broad daylight like an animal.

4. I want to have sex against the glass in all of the world’s tallest buildings because why the fuck not?

5. Switch bodies with my girlfriend and then have sex with her.

6. Having sex in some very official and serious situation, for example in a fine restaurant or during a business meeting.

7. You know those fans on the ground that simulate you skydiving? I want to have sex while doing it. I don’t think it’s possible.

8. Be handcuffed.

9. More sex outdoors.

10. Get a professional happy ending massage. Not so feasible when you’re a woman.

11. Having sex with friends, like an orgy.

12. Bite down on the girl’s neck while having sex with her.

13. I really, really want to squirt. I know, it’s probably just pee. I don’t care.

14. Having sex with a surgical mask on. Dunno why it turns me on.

15. Have a group of people on Discord (or wherever) who regularly (and genuinely) masturbate on webcam in a room together. Face anonymity of course.

16. Get a footjob from an attractive woman but no women are into that.

17. Be in a healthy polygamous relationship, I hear that’s the stuff of legends.

18. I used to do b-day parties for kids. Always wanted to bang the princess in the car while still in our prince and princess costume. Doesn’t help that everyone I work with is gorgeous.

19. Cloning my boyfriend so that I can have a gang bang just with him.

20. I want to be tied up and let my partner use my body for whatever they please.

21. Sleeping with my girlfriend in a public street where I can see people but they can’t see me. Like from a one-way mirrored box.

22. Threesome.

23. Pay for sex.

24. Lick my girl’s butthole. But I’m scared. It’s a butthole.

25. To be gently praised and screwed by two older, more experienced women. Kinda want them to tell me I’m being a good girl for taking it so well.

26. Being naked with friends in a non-sexual way. I don’t like the idea of it being strangers, but I don’t have the friends suitable for this kind of kink, unfortunately.

27. Mutual masturbation.

28. 100% anonymous sex.

29. I want to screw myself using portals.

30. I just need a hug bro, I’m lonely as shit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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