30 Crazy Truth Or Dare Stories That Will Make You Miss Your Friends

30 Crazy Truth Or Dare Stories That Will Make You Miss Your Friends

Don’t try these dares from Ask Reddit at home.

1. Gave my boyfriend a lapdance to Old Town Road in front of my friends.

2. I almost drowned in my friend’s duck pond because they dared me to swim with the ducks.

3. I got dared to sit on a friend’s lap and I only took ‘truth’ questions after that so I wouldn’t have to leave his lap… we’re dating now.

4. Licked chocolate syrup off another dude’s chest.

5. Hanging out of a window, with only my legs still in the room, in order to touch the outer wall with my forehead… really drunk and being held by drunk friends… 13 floors high…

6. Once when I was a teenager I was dared to urinate in the middle of the road. It was the middle of winter and there was about 4″ of snow And of course, of course my bladder decided to be shy. I thought my lady bits would freeze off. But, a dare’s a dare.

7. I challenged a teacher to a rap battle on a dare and it was amazing.

8. I was dared to swap underwear with a girl and come out wearing them to prove it.

9. A female friend and I chose dare together. Our friends said take off all your clothes and run across a recently frozen pond. We did it but man was that ice cracking.

10. The girl I really liked came to the party. She spun on me. Then she dared me to go home.

11. I got my nipples pierced.

12. Tried to breakdance naked.

13. Played in a car. Was told to flash the next car that passed us. Turned out to be an old lady driver. She was mortified and sped up.

14. Drinking my sister’s pee.

15. Pickle juice, jalapenos, mustard crust, and more disgusting fridge leftovers all in a cup. I was dared to down it.

16. A colleague of mine took a dare while camping with friends and was told to walk his way naked through the bushes known to have fire ants among them… long story short we had to visit him at the hospital the next day.

17. Nothing too crazy. Kissed a guy friend on the lips so all the girls there would show us their boobs.

18. I’ve licked an eyeball.

19. We were at Chili’s with my friends and was dared to put salt on another girl’s apple pie who was at another table outside the restaurant. She was our classmate and had a date with another person. I did it. Regretted what I did and apologized. And she was seemingly cool about it but did the same thing with my food when I went to wash my hands.

20. I was dared to lick a fence in the playground. The day after I had this pleasant little disease called ‘thrush.’

21. Some chick dared me to suck some dudes toes and I obliged.

22. Someone once dared me to stab them with a pencil, no hesitation. So I stabbed him with my pencil. No hesitation. Broke skin, but didn’t cause much damage, luckily.

23. I ate some dirt.

24. My dumb ass thought that it was a good idea to take a dare of streaking across the school football field, without taking notice of the security cameras. Long story short I got suspended for a week.

25. I had to drink ten glasses of water on a dare and in truth tell everyone who was the one person I would hate fuck.

26. I was once dared to dump my girlfriend. I did.

27. I have kissed a wall.

28. I jumped over a snowball and broke my nose.

29. Made a shadow play with my penis.

30. I ate an apple with the sticker still on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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