When Each Zodiac Feels Sexiest In The Bedroom

When Each Zodiac Feels Sexiest In The Bedroom


When they’re wearing new lingerie or underwear they’re excited to show off.


When they have music on in the background that sets the perfect mood.


When they’re slightly tipsy and are able to let loose and stop caring about appearances.


When they realize how excited their partner is and see themselves through their person’s eyes.

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When they’re on top, in control, acting dominant.


When they’re sporting a new haircut or new nails that make them feel like a new person.


When they catch themselves in the mirror and see how great they look.


When they’ve recently finished a workout and their adrenaline is still high.


When they make their partner orgasm and are proud of the job they’ve done.


When they see their partner’s expression as they undress.


When they are getting pampered by their partner and don’t have to do a damn thing.


When they make eye contact with their partner and are told how beautiful they look. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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