How Each Zodiac Sign Apologizes To Their Person 

How Each Zodiac Sign Usually Apologizes To Their Person 


They will explain the reasoning behind their actions, so you understand where they were coming from.


They will put in genuine effort to make a change so they don’t hurt you the same way twice.


They will initiate makeup sex and shower you with kisses.


They will break down in tears and beg you to forgive them.

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They will try to make it up to you by giving you flowers or chocolates or jewelry.


They will accept responsibility, own up to what they’ve done, and promise not to do it again.


They will make it up to you by whisking you away on a romantic date.


They will clear their schedule so they can work on their relationship with you.


They will blame themselves, feel absolutely horrible, and hope you forgive them.


They will sit down with you and have a long, in-depth conversation until you work out the problem.


They will look you straight in the eyes and apologize without making any excuses.


They will whip up your favorite meal (or dessert) as a token of forgiveness. TC mark

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