What Each Zodiac Sign Discovered About Themselves In Their Last Relationship

What Each Zodiac Sign Discovered About Themselves In Their Last Relationship


You discovered that you don’t have the patience to wait for someone to see your value.


You discovered that you need someone who is playful and silly, someone who won’t be too serious all the time.


You discovered that you aren’t going to last in a relationship with someone who  wants to do the same thing every single day without any excitement in between.


You discovered that you can’t let your big heart get in the way of your common sense anymore.

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You discovered that looks shouldn’t convince you to date someone, their personality should convince you to date them.


You discovered that you need a strong emotional connection with someone in order to make the relationship work.


You discovered that you get attached too easily and need to raise your standards.


You discovered that trust is important and a relationship cannot last without it.


You discovered that sometimes your best move is to leave, not to stay and fix things.


You discovered that you can’t stay with someone, simply because you’re used to having them in your life.


You discovered that you can’t rely on another person to make you happy all the time.


You discovered that you’re too jealous to date someone who is a big flirt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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