How Each Zodiac Sign Fails At Flirting

How Each Zodiac Sign Fails At Flirting


You try to crack jokes and tease them — but you accidentally end up insulting them.


You stare at them in order to show interest and hope they get the hint — but accidentally end up making them self-conscious instead.


You send mixed signals — and accidentally make them think you aren’t serious about wanting to date them.


You help them out with favors and run errands for them — and you accidentally trick them into thinking of you as only a friend.

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You try to make them jealous by talking about all the people who like you — but you accidentally make them think you’re out of their league and they don’t stand a chance.


You make sarcastic, slightly mean comments — and accidentally make them think you hate them.


You focus on emotional intimacy over physical intimacy — and accidentally make them think you see them as a brother/sister.


You try to play hard to get by waiting a while to text back — but you accidentally end up chasing them away because they assume you aren’t interested.


You like all of their social media posts but never strike up conversations — and it accidentally looks like you’re only interested in their physical appearance.


You try to sound smart by dropping facts and using big words — but you accidentally come across as pretentious.


You give them constant advice — and it accidentally looks like you’re judging them and bossing them around.


You get too nervous to strike up a conversation with them and keep your distance — but they assume you’re trying to avoid them. TC mark

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