Why Each Zodiac Sign Has Such A Hard Time On Their Own

Why Each Zodiac Sign Has Such A Hard Time On Their Own


You’re chatty. You like to hear yourself talk. And you always have plenty to say.


You’re affectionate. You like cuddles and kisses and hugs. More than anything, you like being held while you fall asleep at night.


You hate being alone with your own thoughts. You hate when you have too much time to think, to wonder, to regret.


You care more about other people than you care about yourself. You always want to help them with favors, to make life easier on them, to pay attention to their problems and ignore your own.


You thrive off of compliments. You love getting dressed up and seeing the reaction. You love being the center of attention.


You get bored easily. You hate sitting around doing nothing. You want to keep yourself busy, to stay entertained.


Social interaction fuels you. You love connecting with others. You love building meaningful relationships.


You love meeting new people. You love experiencing new things. You love being out in the world.


You haven’t learned how to enjoy your own company. You haven’t learned how to be comfortable with the real you.


You like to have someone to bounce ideas off. You like to think out loud and get feedback on your ideas. You like working as a team.


When you’re cooped up inside, you can get lazy. You can spend hours in bed. You can waste the entire day.


You’re an attention hog. You want people to pay attention to you. You want to feel seen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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