What Each Zodiac Sign Lies About Early On In Relationships

What Each Zodiac Sign Lies About Early On In Relationships


How intense their feelings for you are. They’re going to tone it down a bit in the beginning so they don’t come across as clingy.


How weird they are. They hold back their silly side and try to come across as a mature adult at first.


How much they overthink. They’ll try to come across as laidback at first, but eventually, you are going to find out how much they look into every little thing.


How adventurous they are. They will be open to anything at first, but once they get to know you, they will want to develop a routine.


How sarcastic they are. In the beginning, they will show you their sweet side, but eventually their sassy side will come out.


How cool they are with you talking to other girls. They’re pretty possessive, but they don’t want to show that too early, before you become an official couple.


How much effort they put into their appearance. In the beginning, they will take hours getting ready to see you, but normally, they stick to sweatpants.


How good they are in the bedroom. They will be modest at first to come across as innocent and unintimidating.


How crazy their family actually is. They will wait a while to introduce you to their parents and siblings so you don’t get scared off.


How much shit they’ve been through in the past. They will keep it from you at first, until they feel like they can trust you.


How lazy they are. They try to go out on exciting dates in the beginning, but really, they would rather spend most nights at home.


How talkative they are. They never shut their mouths in real life, but on first dates, they try to give you a chance to talk, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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