What Each Zodiac Sign Should Remember As 2019 Comes To A Close

What Each Zodiac Sign Should Remember As 2019 Comes To A Close


You need to leave your self-doubt in 2019. You need to enter 2020 feeling confident and strong.


2020 doesn’t have to be a repeat of 2019. You can shape the year into whatever you want.


You shouldn’t go into 2020 expecting it to be horrible. You should have high hopes for the decade and for yourself.


2019 is over but the pain it brought you might linger. Remember, it’s okay if your healing process is a long one. You’ll get there.

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The end of the year is a good time to reflect on what you’ve been doing with your life — but you shouldn’t feel bad if your year was less productive than your peers. You shouldn’t treat success like a competition.


Even though it’s a good idea to make a New Years resolution, remember you can make a change at any point. You don’t have to wait until January.


This time of year can feel lonely, but you are never alone. You are never unloved.


Some years are tougher than others. 2019 might’ve been rough for you, but 2020 might be much better in every possible way.


Your 2019 wasn’t a waste. You accomplished more than you think you did.


2019 is pretty much over. So stop focusing on what you’ve done wrong this year and start focusing on what you want to do right this next year.


In 2020, you aren’t even going to remember the embarrassing moments you endured in 2019, so stop beating yourself up over them.


Even though there were some unfortunate moments in 2019, you cannot forget the beautiful ones. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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