30 Hilarious Times A Text (Or Sext) Got Sent To The Wrong Person

30 Hilarious Times A Text (Or Sext) Got Sent To The Wrong Person

These stories from Ask Reddit are going to convince you to double check your texts.

1. Me and a buddy were studying for a quiz on Romeo and Juliet two years ago. I jokingly sent a text saying, “Hey girl wanna fuck on the balcony?” to him… Instead I sent it to my crush at that time and let’s just say things got a little awkward…

2. My boyfriend had left home for work. And I promptly received, ”Hey on my way over. You better be naked when I get there.”

3. One time at work I got just the biggest urge to play with some titties. I sent my wife a text saying, “Have your boobs out right when I get home,” turned out I actually sent it to my boss while he was in a meeting. He sent me a selfie with his man boob out: “Ok I’m ready.” We still joke about it.

4. I accidentally sent, “I hate my boyfriend’s family their food is shit,” to his family group chat on fb instead of my friends’ group chat.

5. I once decided to be spontaneous and sent my wife a text saying: “I think it would be a good idea if I fucked your socks off tonight.” Too bad the most recent text from my wife happened to be a group text including my mother, her mother, and her grandmother.

My mother is the hero of this story, though, because 5 minutes later she replied to the group, “Okay. Well, let us know if anything changes.”

6. So I’ve got two friends with the same first name and similar last names. They were also in the same sorority, and I always organized my contacts with their Greek letters behind the names while I was in college.

One of them I had a FWBs thing going on with. So once while I was mildly drunk and sent a “Wanna come over?” text at 1am to what I thought was my FWBs. It was the wrong one. That would have been fine and we could have laughed it off later. Instead she responded pretty much immediately with “Sure ;)” and said she would be right over. She was dating one of my fraternity brothers and was completely serious about coming over.

7. I sent, “I finally found it! I’d be thrilled if you can rub it on my boobs when I get home.” To my airbnb guests, not my husband.

It was iodine, for breast lumps. It worked. And I got a 5 star review.

8. Sent a link about bondage stuff I wanted to try with my partner to their mum. Welp.

9. For this one, I was on the receiving end of a “wrong person” text.

My sister, who was in a relationship with a woman, accidentally sent me a text that said, “You gonna give me that fat pussy later?”

Am girl. Was scarred.

10. I’m female, with a male best friend. Not long after having a baby, I accidentally sent a text saying, “The bleeding has stopped, sex tonight?” to my best friend instead of my SO.

11. Accidentally sent, “Sounds good, I just gotta meet my dealer first,” to my boss.

12. Valentine’s Day I was planning on getting the girlfriend a sex toy. I gathered 4 options through screenshot and sent it… to my landlord.

13. “You still down for going to the sex shop tonight?” Sent to a coworker, not my wife. Coworker gave me shit for over a year.

14. An old friend of mine got a really dumb tattoo and I screenshot it and accidentally sent the screenshot to him. I was just like, “Oh I wanted to ask you what it all meant.”

15. I sent a text to a guy asking him to bring my bra to me on campus the next day.

Accidentally sent it to a straight man with the same first name as the gay friend whose hot tub I’d used the night before.

Straight friend’s girlfriend was pissed…

16. Was anxious and depressed trying to text my boyfriend in the middle of a rant I was having and sent something along the lines of, “How am I ever gonna be a good mom with the example that I had growing up?” to my mom.

17. My mom texted me once right after I left saying, “I want you inside me.” I replied, “It’s been a while since I’ve been in there,” as I have no guts and get out of awkwardness with dumb humor.

18. On NYE I texted my Dad, “Wish you were here to kiss at midnight.”

Dad being next to Daisy on my phone was a nightmare. My dad never replied and we never mentioned it again. But we both know what I did.

19. Sent, “Hey could you bring the weed you mentioned?” to my mom instead of my friend. She was upset.

20. After a breakup I went to my ex’s to pick up a few things. I left there and immediately picked up my phone to text my best friend and said, “Was I drunk that entire relationship? What was I thinking?” Sent it to him. I just tossed my phone in the backseat once I realized what I did. It’s been almost a decade and he still won’t talk to me when I run into him.

21. I had just lost my virginity and was texting my friend about it like a dumb teenager while still texting my girlfriend who I had just dropped off at home. Got my conversations crossed and sent her my detailed description of what we had done.

22. I once sent, “Yup, got the day off, boss thinks I’m sick,” to my boss instead of my buddy.

23. When I was 16, I screenshot a text from my mom that basically said I couldn’t go out that night. Sent it back to her instead of my friend saying, “This bitch won’t let me go anywhere.” Grounded for an eternity.

24. I have a cousin with the same name as the woman I’m currently seeing. Yesterday morning, just a couple of hours before the family was scheduled to get together for Thanksgiving, I sent the following, “You ready to eat? I’m going to cover your ass in vanilla frosting and toasted coconut and eat you like a piece of cake,” to my cousin instead of the intended entree.


25. I was in high school and my boyfriend and I were in some kind of argument, and being the mature high schooler I was, I changed his contact name in my phone to something like Stupid Asshole. However, I forgot I already had someone saved under that name in my phone (a previous ex) so when I went to text my boyfriend about our fight and how I really wanted to work it out blah blah blah I sent it to the wrong Asshole. So humiliating.

26. My girlfriend at the time and I were really into sending “pics” to each other through Snapchat. I wore boxers which drove her bonkers especially the bulge part. I sent a snap of it to her with a dirty comment. Only to find out as soon as I sent it to her MY FAT THUMBS PRESSED MY COWORKERS SNAP AS WELL.

I immediately called him like two hours before he normally wakes up to left him know not to open that snap. He didn’t know what to do so he just unfriended me. Later that night at work he gave me his phone so I could play the snap for my eyes only.

27. I once sent about 50 middle finger emojis to my mom, thinking I was sending it to my brother.

She was very confused…

28. I was at dinner with my parents and saw that my sister’s husband texted in our family chat… It was something like, “In 30 mins Im fucking your sexy body hard.” I almost choked, and kinda wanted to see the world burn but told my parents to give me their phones because someone made a mistake spoiling Secret Santa. They were very thankful and very awkward.

29. Wrote: Fuck it, we’re going to Wisconsin. My mother’s gonna give me hell but that’s life.

Meant to send it to my friend.

Sent it to my mom instead.

30. I sent my wife a text about how fucking annoying my boss was being, only to find out I had sent it to my boss.

I sprinted to my boss who, thankfully, hadn’t checked her phone yet. I just explained that I had accidentally sent her an “inappropriate text that was meant for my wife” and asked if I could delete it off her phone.

She and I have had a pretty amiable relationship so she felt comfortable handing me her phone, without checking, so that I could delete the text and hand it right back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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