What Each Zodiac Sign Hates About Their Own Heart

What Each Zodiac Sign Hates About Their Own Heart


You hate how easily you can shut people out and push them away.


You hate how easily you grow attached to the wrong people.


You hate how quickly your heart bounces back and forgives those who have wronged you.


You hate how long your heart takes to heal after it’s been torn in two.

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You hate how loud your heart beats, how you can never ignore your feelings.


You hate how fickle your heart is, how you fall in love with new people all the time.


You hate how your heart always overpowers your head.


You hate how fragile your heart is, how easy it is to hurt you.


You hate how blind your heart is, how commonly you fall for someone horrible for you.


You hate how shielded your heart is, how hard it is for you to let your walls down.


You hate how stubborn your heart is and how it refuses to let go of past loves.


You hate how sensitive you are and how easily your heart aches. TC mark

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