When You're In A Bad Mood, Here Are A Few Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

When You’re In A Bad Mood, Here Are A Few Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

The next time you’re in a bad mood, try cheering yourself up with these methods from Ask Reddit.

1. Stand up comedy is therapy for me. I feel so good after laughing hard.

2. Skype a friend and complain to them about whatever put me in the bad mood.

3. “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.” – Ron Swanson

4. Short term: force myself to smile. First just a lil one, then ear to ear. Someone said it releases feel-good chemicals in the brain. Not sure if it’s true but it works for me!

5. I usually go for a run until I have cleared my head enough to realize that I shouldn’t let something stupid ruin my whole day.

6. I get adjusted by a chiropractor and that helps, but an hour long massage is even better.

7. Take a nap. It doesn’t usually put me in a good mood but it helps reset me out of the bad mood.

8. Meditation: either on your own, or guided. Clearing my head and letting myself think deeply about whatever is bothering me the most for a set amount of time helps me get out of a funk faster than before.

9. I usually put on some of my favorite music and sit in my room (preferably alone).

10. Crying: Seriously. Sometimes, you just gotta block out a time to let it all out. You’ll feel more clear headed afterwards and will be better able to get to the bottom of what’s bothering you the most.

11. What I like is baking. Brownies, cookies, anything easy and delish.

12. I started journaling and most importantly reading my journal. It helps to frame things. I started finding patterns in my moods and started working to figure them out. Its also nice to have a safe space you can put yourself into. I use my phone to journal through an app. I take photos, and memorialize things in my life. When I’m really pissed off and everything starts becoming awful to look at – I go back and see how I was feeling a few months ago. Typically, I’m upset about something small, or stupid, but I don’t realize that until months later when I read my journal! That act of reflection helps frame things. Best thing I could have done for my mental health.

13. Take deep, calculated breaths. Focus on relaxing every muscle in your body, from your toes to your ears. Just breathe.

14. Watch a Bob Ross video.

15. I go on a date with myself when I can. I’ll go to a florist and get a small bouquet of flowers and then I’ll go shopping a little and normally end my self-date by going to a coffee shop and relaxing. It sounds real basic but it’s small things that I know I like doing that bring me out of it.

16. I sit down and tell my golden retriever about my frustrations. She’s an excellent listener, but if I make too much eye contact, she goes in for a face lick. Either way, after a few minutes she wiggles herself on top of me and demands scratches. I usually forget about whatever was bothering me.

17. Typically just acknowledge my bad mood. I’m quick to tell my coworkers “I’m grumpy.” After that admission I’m usually in a better mood.

18. Never underestimate the therapeutic power of cleaning.

19. Disney music always does it for me.

20. Taking care of my pets. Making sure they have fresh food, water, a clean enclosure, snuggles, etc. makes me feel better.

21. Do something. Almost anything. Get out of the house and force yourself to interact with someone. Even in passing. Something outside will always lead to something else. Staying home in your own thoughts rarely will.

22. Cat. Pictures.

23. Helping others. Ask them how their day is and try to contribute to making somebody else happy.

24. I watch a video about science. It usually doesn’t require any emotion but yet a good attention in order to understand it (I mean it probably depends on the video), so when it ends you’re just left with this « woah » feeling and no more big sad feeling.

25. Treat yourself. Or say good things to yourself.

26. Get in the car and have a drive while listening to music.

27. If I’m just in a funk, for no particular reason, I like to take a walk.

28. Temporarily leave the situation that puts me in the bad mood. When I am in the office, and all those emails start getting to me, I walk away from my desk and go for a short walk. 5 mins is usually enough to clear my head.

29. I’ve learned that when I feel angry, irritated or whatever for long enough for me to recognize it, I need to take inventory of my tanks. I imagine all my basic needs as gas tanks that gotta be filled regularly, hunger, thirst, sleep, caffeine or whatever else I crave. When one of those tanks is running low my body lets me know by turning me into a complete fucking dickhead, and I gotta quickly figure out which one I need to fill before I start pissing everyone off to a serious level.

30. Dude you are human. Accept it and embrace it. It is totally fine to be in a bad mood sometimes. Social narrative really makes you feel bad for feeling bad which is obviously bullshit. So don’t worry. Accept it. Or how it is said sometimes: “Let the emotion be but do not be the emotion.”

Emotions are some primitive instincts to survive. So don’t put your life upside down because of them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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