How She's Lying On Social Media, Based On Her Zodiac Sign 

How She’s Lying On Social Media, Based On Her Zodiac Sign 


She only posts her most exciting moments and leaves out all of her dark moments.


She posts with filters and edits because she’s not confident about her looks, either.


She takes down her posts if they don’t get enough likes which is why you never see her ‘fail.’


She only posts cute relationship pictures, even though she has just as many fights with her partner as anyone else.


Sometimes, the big group pictures she posts were taken when she was having a horrible night.


She only posts after she takes dozens of different pictures. Her first one never comes out perfect.


She only posts on the days she gets dressed up — but most days she’s in sweatpants and pajamas.


She only posts after spending an hour coming up with the perfect caption.


She only posts what she thinks people want to see — and not how she actually feels.


She prefers posting on stories because then she doesn’t have to worry about likes.


Sometimes, she looks happier in her photos than she is in real life.


She only posts pictures that are taken at her ‘good angle’ and deletes the rest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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