30 Stories From People Who Had Enough Guts To Ask Out Their Crush 

30 Stories From People Who Had Enough Guts To Ask Out Their Crush 

These people from Ask Reddit are here to tell you exactly what happened when they got up the nerve to ask out their crush.

1. We went out on a date and I learned she was not the one for me after all. But it was a good lesson and had I not asked her out I’d just agonized over what might’ve been.

2. She’s sitting next me in our apartment playing Minecraft. Never thought she’d actually be interested in me. I guess I was selling myself short.

3. We’re getting married on Saturday.

4. He said he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend but he was interested if it was sex only. I politely declined.

5. I realized I developed crushes easily and had pretty bad taste.

6. We’re still together 15 years later, happy and in love. Apparently I was the catch, but didn’t realize.

7. She just said, “Yes! I thought you’d never ask!” And then smiled and hugged me we went to the movies.

8. Got rejected, became her friend, met up for drinks after college 7 years later and wound up married to my best friend.

Focused on myself and became a better version of me. Wild how attractive that can make you.

9. She said no. I was mopey for a bit, then I signed up for online dating and we went back to being friends. I eventually wound up dating someone who made a lot more sense for me anyway.

10. I sat next to her in the university cafeteria – it was really, really awkward, then one of her friends came by and made it more so. Turns out we were both really shy, but had a mutual interest in geekery like sci-fi.

We’ve been married 15 years now.

11. Found out she liked me before she started dating her new boyfirend.

12. She thought I was joking. We’re still friends, but it was pretty awkward.

13. She said yes. I messaged her the next day to ask if she wanted to have dinner together. Ghosted me. Sucks, but don’t let this discourage anyone. I doubt this happens often.

14. Crushed hard on one of my friends, told him my feelings after months of flirting and getting even closer. Told him my feelings. That was four years ago and we got married a month ago today.

15. Well, I’m lying next to them in bed with a wedding ring to match his.

16. It turned out I was her crush!

17. I told him how I felt, and he said, “Cool it would have taken me way longer to tell you!” And then we high-fived and we’ve been dating for 4 years.

18. He said yes. Absolutely nothing happened.

19. We’ve been dating for close to three years, bought our first house this summer and am planning on proposing soon.

20. He came out to me. I was very surprised, and he seemed very scared to tell anyone. I was the first person he had ever come out to, and he was terrified. I helped him through the process of eventually coming out to his extremely religious parents (who accepted it very well). He’s now in an amazing relationship and one of my closest friends.

21. Asked him out through a rambling text that hardly made sense. It took him forever to respond because he had to read it, like, 4 times to fully understand it. He said he liked me too. We dated long distance for a year, he moved in with me at my parents’ house, we moved out to our own apartment, and we’ve been together for 6 years so far. I’m not seeing it end anytime soon.

22. She said no, she didn’t like me that way. I said okay that’s cool. We’re still friends but she’s taking some space to figure some things out.

23. We dated for 4 years then broke up…

For a couple months. Now we’ve been dating for 6 years.

24. Got a first date that turned into almost two years worth of being emotionally dead inside. Pro tip before you ask out your “crush” really get to know them… made the mistake of thinking I could help someone very troubled and turns out 99.9% of the time they just drag you down to their level. Wish I had someone to give me advice back then, sucks we have to learn these things on our own.

25. Turns out she liked me.

26. She said yes and we went out to dinner and saw a movie together. Dropping her off, we kissed on her parents front porch for what seemed like forever. Her dad thought so too because he started flicking the porch lights on and off. Good times.

27. I actually asked her to a dance and she said no.

Half a year later I asked another crush to a dance and she said no.

Then half a year after that I asked a different crush to the dance and guess what?


28. Asked mine out today, have a date on Friday.

29. She said yes. Asked her out on a second date, specifically said the word date this time. She said she didn’t know we were going out on dates. Oh well…

30. I told her I loved her on the first date. She said “what?” I said it again IN CASE SHE DIDN’T BLOODY HEAR IT THE FIRST TIME.

Few years later we’re still together.

So far it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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