The Dating Mistake Each Zodiac Keeps Making Over And Over Again

The Dating Mistake Each Zodiac Keeps Making Over And Over Again


You keep hooking up with people, pretending you’re okay with a casual relationship, and getting hurt.


You keep going back to someone who showed their true colors, who showed they cannot be trusted.


You keep turning down dates, lying about your feelings, and refusing to put yourself out there.


You keep wearing your heart on your sleeve and letting yourself get taken advantage of by the wrong people.


You keep pushing people away as soon as you get close to them out of fear of getting hurt.


You keep making excuses for why you aren’t able to date right now, why the timing isn’t right.


You keep looking for the good in people, even when they have proven time and time again that they do not deserve your love.


You keep bending over backwards for people who never even think about you.


You keep giving out second chances to people who aren’t even sorry for what they’ve done to you.


You keep putting all of your focus on your work and refusing to even think about dating again.


You keep falling for toxic people and making excuses for their bad behavior.


You keep giving and giving and giving to people who do not appreciate you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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