How Each Zodiac Handles Watching Their Ex Move On

How Each Zodiac Handles Watching Their Ex Move On


You don’t watch him move on. You delete him from every form of social media immediately.


You cyber stalk his new girlfriend and make comparisons, wondering what he sees in her.


You like pictures of him and his new girlfriend in order to create the illusion you couldn’t care less about him moving on.


You’re happy for him. You want what’s best for him, even if it means living without you.

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You make fun of his new girlfriend every chance you get. It doesn’t matter who she is, because you feel like he downgraded.


You try to make him as jealous as he’s making you by posting pictures with other guys.


You get genuinely concerned for the new girl he’s with. You hope he doesn’t hurt her as badly as he hurt you.


You get drunk and rant to your friends about how he’s moved on way too quickly.


You sleep with as many people as possible in order to forget about him.


You still keep in contact with him, secretly hoping he’ll leave her for you.


You feel like complete and utter shit. You wonder why he was able to find love again when you’re still alone.


You cry every time you see a picture of them together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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