The Worst Part About Moving In With Each Zodiac Sign

The Worst Part About Moving In With Each Zodiac Sign


You’re sloppy. You never clean up after yourself and make a mess every time you cook or eat.


You’re a sharer. You use other people’s things without asking because you assume it belongs to everyone in the apartment.


You like to have alone time. You never want to spend too much time socializing or have too many guests over at once.


You’re an early riser. You make a lot of noise in the morning and fall asleep early.

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You’re a procrastinator. You wait until the last second to get anything done, which means sometimes the chores pile up.


You like everything your way. You have trouble compromising on decor and dinner because you like to be in control.


You spend hours in the bathroom. It takes you ages to get ready.


You never stick to a schedule. No one ever knows when you’re going to be home and when you’re going to be out for hours.


You aren’t great at working as a team. You like to act independent and make your own decisions.


You have a low tolerance for stupidity. You get annoyed by other people pretty quickly.


You’re forgetful. You forget important dates even when they’re marked on the calendar and forget to complete certain chores.


You’re a night owl. You like drinking, blasting music, and watching Netflix late into the night when other people are trying to sleep. TC mark

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