How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts When They’re Drunk

How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts When They’re Drunk


You tease them incessantly. You act like a kid on the playground.


You keep repeating the same compliment over and over again, which is usually some version of you’re so funny or you’re so hot.


You give sexual compliments, make inappropriate comments, and tell dirty jokes.


You get mushy and try to cuddle — or at least hold hands.

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You brag about how good you are in bed.


You pull them up to dance with you or perform karaoke with you.


You send them risqué selfies.


You talk about your exes or other people who are interested in you to try to make them jealous.


You make the first move with a kiss.


You buy them a drink. And another. And another.


You ask them to go someplace quieter with you so you can talk.


You talk about them loudly with your friends — or send one of your friends over to play matchmaker. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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