What You Can Tell About Someone's Personality Based On Their Favorite Pokemon

What You Can Tell About Someone’s Personality Based On Their Favorite Pokemon

You can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite Pokemon out of the original 150. Here’s what yours says about you: 

Pikachu – You’re a basic bitch. You follow the trends and hop onto bandwagons. You like whatever happens to be popular at the time.

Chansey – You’re a healer. You’ll lend a hand to anyone in need. You care more about other people than you care about yourself. 

Psyduck – You get stressed out easily. You don’t like making small talk. You would rather be alone than in a crowded room.

Ditto – You let your friends pick the movies, the restaurants, the road trip music. You never give your own opinion. You do what everyone else wants. 

Snorlax – You’re lazy. You would rather spend your weekends sleeping than actually getting dressed and leaving the house. 

Gyarados – You’ve had a major glowup. It’s a big FU to everyone who used to know you back in high school.

Lapras – You’re laid back. You don’t take life too seriously. You try to see the best in every situation. 

Charmander – You look tough and fiery, but you’re secretly soft and vulnerable.

Squirtle – You’re not happy unless you’re spending time at the beach. Summer is your favorite holiday. You want to move somewhere warm so you never have to deal with snow again.

Jigglypuff – You’re a star in the making. You love being the center of attention. When you feel like someone is ignoring you, you start acting out.

Cubone – You’re a pessimist. You’re always jumping to the worst case scenario. 

Eevee – You aren’t entirely sure what you want to do with your life. There are three or four different career paths you can see yourself pursuing, but you’re not sure which one is best for you yet.

Gengar – You love horror movies and serial killer documentaries.

Kadabra – You believe in psychics. You get your tarot cards read. You read every astrology article you can find.

Mewtwo – You’re an alpha. You try not to brag, but you secretly think you’re better than everybody else.

Mew – People tend to underestimate you. They have no idea how sweet or wise or funny you are because you come across as quiet and nonthreatening.

Meowth – You never shut up. You never hold back your opinion. You’re always blabbering about something.

Caterpie – You love hiking. You love nature trails. You love being outside with the sun shining down on your face.

Butterfree – You’re a vegan. You’re obsessed with animals. You’re trying to do your part to save the planet.

Weedle – You’re 4/20 friendly.

Pidgey – You’re a good person, trying to do their best. You’ve made a lot of mistakes throughout your life, but you’re learning. You’re growing.

Rattata – You can be manipulative when you want to be. You know all the right things to say in order to get your way.

Ekans – You go with the flow. You don’t get annoyed easily — but when you do, you snap. No one wants to see you when you’re angry.

Sandshrew – You’re either a builder or an artist. You’re good with your hands. You’re naturally talented.

Dragonite – You come across as intimidating at first glance, but you’re really a big mush. You wouldn’t hurt a fly. 

Arcanine – Your bark is worse than your bite. You talk a lot of shit, but you rarely follow through on it. 

Haunter – You love playing practical jokes on people. The funniest thing in the world to you is when you see someone fall. 

Hitmonchan – You routinely invite friends over to watch boxing and/or wrestling. And you took karate classes as a kid.

Starmie – You’re a daydreamer. You think more than you speak. You create fantasy worlds inside your head. 

Rapidash – You’re a fashion icon. You never leave the house without spending at least an hour in the bathroom and your Instagram game is on point. 

Porygon – You’re a hot mess. You have no idea what you want in the future, but you’re trying your best to enjoy the moment. 

Muk – Your apartment is a mess. There’s crumbs on your sheets. There’s expired food in the fridge. 

Slowbro – You’re more street smart than book smart. You aren’t great at math or science, but you have a good head on your shoulders.

Weezing – You have horrible allergies. You can’t walk outside without falling into a sneezing fit. 

Tauros – You’re the loudest person in every room. You don’t know how to use your inside voice. 

Ninetales – You’re drop dead gorgeous. Some people get so distracted by your beauty they don’t realize how intelligent you are.

Onix – You’re a hard worker. You never stop going, going, going. You’re passionate about what you do and you do it well.

Ponyta – You’re the baby of the family. You still feel like a little kid, even though you’re technically considered an adult now.

Hypno – You’re stubborn. You have to get your way, otherwise you’re going to throw a fit. A lot of people end up agreeing with you simply because it’s easier than arguing with you. 

Dratini – You’re friendly. You get along with everyone. You keep your distance from drama. 

Lickitung – You’re always horny.

Machoke – You’re in the gym every single day. You never skip a workout. You’re on a mission to gain muscle mass.

Growlithe – You’re a perfectionist. You’re also a procrastinator. You always wait until the last second to write papers and hand in projects. 

Dewgong – You’re the funny one in your friend group. The class clown. You know how to make people burst out laughing. 

Rhyhorn – You’re the designated driver. You’re the one all your friends call when they need a ride. They know they can always count on you.

Machop – You’re trying your hardest to stick to a workout routine — but you still love to eat chips and drink beer on weekends. 

Mankey – You have a bad temper. You can’t help yourself. You’ll get mad over the silliest things. 

Sandslash – You try to act tough in order to protect your heart — but it keeps backfiring on you. Everyone knows you’re not as tough as you try to appear.

Poliwag – You see the best in everyone. You’re open-minded. You don’t judge and that’s why your friends love you. 

Drowzee – You run on ten cups of coffee because you’re always tired. But for some reason, you still have a hard time falling asleep at night. 

Diglett – You’re an introvert. You hide in your bedroom whenever you hear a knock on the door. You’re bad at being social. 

Gloom – You’re a skeptic. You always assume the worst. When you’re not working, you spend most of your week moping in bed.

Golbat – You’re blunt. You blurt out what you’re thinking before actually thinking the thought through. 

Nidoran – You’re a flirt. A player. You can’t stop yourself from hitting on anyone and everyone you see.

Nidorina – You believe in true love. You believe in soulmates. You’re a sucker for romance.

Mr. Mime – You’re quiet. You don’t have much to say unless you’re around close friends who know you better than anyone. Then they can’t get you to shut up.

Bellsprout – You’re a work in progress. You’re growing into the best version of yourself. 

Koffing – You’re a smoker. You know you need to stop but are having a hard time breaking the habit. 

Jynx – You’re the life of the party. You have a lot of friends. People gravitate to you.

Oddish – You hate seeing other people upset. You always try to bring smiles to their faces. You try to convince them everything is going to be okay. 

Zubat – You’re a night owl. You only come out when it’s dark. You don’t understand how some people can wake up at six in the morning by choice. 

Beedrill – You aren’t afraid of bugs. When you find one in the house, you release it outside instead of killing it. And you’re passionate about saving the bees.

Magikarp – You feel like an underdog, like no one understands you, like everyone underestimates you. 

Seel – You value your quality of friendships over your quantity of friendships. You don’t talk to many people, but the people in your life are loyal. 

Doduo – You spend 24/7 with your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend. You’re joined at the hip. People group you together because they know you’re not going anywhere without your best buddy. 

Staryu – You’re talented. You’re trying to make a name for yourself. You’re working hard, but no one knows it except you.

Geodude – You are stone cold. You never show your emotions. You cry behind closed doors because you don’t want to appear weak. 

Abra – You like taking the easy way out. Some people call you a slacker, but you call yourself innovative. 

Paras – You’re a world traveler. You’re filled with wanderlust. Your dream is to see Paris in person. 

Venonat – Your resting bitch face scares people away, which is unfortunate since you’re one of the kindest souls they will ever meet. 

Goldeen – You care a lot about your appearance. You’ll take one hundred selfies before posting one. And you’ll make friends take group pictures from your good side. 

Horsea – You have a soft heart. You try your hardest to be a positive impact on the world. 

Krabby – You have severe mood swings. You can go from being the happiest you’ve ever been to the most miserable you’ve ever been in a matter of minutes. 

Tangela – You always get tangled up in messes. You’re always in trouble for something. You’re a natural born troublemaker. 

Farfetch’d – You’re a dreamer. Some people think you’re never going to reach your goals but you swear you’re going to prove them wrong.

Venusaur – You hate cities. You hate traffic. You want to live on a farm where you’re surrounded by more animals than people.

Charizard – You’re stubborn. Once your mind is set, you refused to change it. This drives your loved ones absolutely insane.

Blastoise – You love water parks. You love jet skiing. You love scuba diving. You love being around bodies of water.

Persian – You’re a cat lover. You either own a cat or frequently visit cat cafes to take pictures with cats.

Tentacool – You don’t want to be bothered, which is why you wear headphones everywhere. You hate small talk. You want to be left alone.

Electrode – You only need the basics to survive. You aren’t materialistic or vain. You live a minimalist life.

Articuno – You believe in yourself. You’re your own biggest cheerleader. You know you have what it takes to succeed.

Zapdos – You’re confident. You’re secure. You’re practicing the art of loving yourself.

Moltres – You ooze passion. When you want something, you’re not going to stop until you finally get it.

Ivysaur – You never felt like you fit in anywhere. You had trouble making friends when you were little and have a small friend group now that you’re an adult.

Charmeleon – You’re awkward. You’re not good at holding conversations or holding eye contact with strangers. You’re not good at anything that involves social interaction.

Wartortle – You’re mischievous. You like to cause drama and spill tea.

Metapod – You keep to yourself. You remain inside your comfort zone. You rarely take risks in life because you’re afraid of failure.

Kakuna – You keep your heart closed off. You never let anyone inside. You push people away because you’re afraid of getting hurt again.

Pidgeotto – You’re in a transitionary period in your life right now. You’re trying to become a better, more rounded person than you used to be.

Pidgeot – You’ve grown a lot over the last few years. You’ve spread your wings. You’ve become more comfortable with who you are as a person.

Raticate – You’re sarcastic. Some people assume you’re an asshole because they can never tell when you’re joking and when you’re dead serious.

Spearow – You’re a fighter. When you love someone, you fight for them. When you want something, you fight for it. You put in the effort to get what you desire.

Fearow – You are fearless. You’re a risk taker. You would rather take a leap forward and fail than remain in the same spot forever.

Arbok – You’re a snake. You talk about friends behind their back. You aren’t loyal to anyone except the person in the mirror.

Raichu – You have an electric personality. Strangers could listen to you talk for hours and hours. You’re a skilled storyteller.

Nidoqueen – You’re a sap. You cry easily. You have a lot of emotions that need to be released in order to function.

Nidoking – You act tough in order to cover up your insecurities — and you have a lot of insecurities.

Clefable – You’re a saint. You would give a stranger the shirt off your back.

Vulpix – You always have a crush on someone new. You’re a hopeless romantic who is hoping to find love sometime soon.

Wigglytuff – You’re clumsy. You’re always knocking things over and falling down, but it only adds to your charm.

Vileplume – You’re a bubbly person. You’re always energetic, smiley, and fun.

Parasect – You get nervous answering phone calls and knocks on the front door. You would rather be invisible in the background than the center of attention.

Venomoth – You hold lifelong grudges. As soon as someone gets on your bad side, you’re never going to be able to look at them the same way again. You’re never going to forgive them.

Dugtrio – You have a group of friends that you spend most of your time with. You get jealous if the other two hang out without you because you’re supposed to be a group.

Golduck – You wear your heart on your sleeve. Everyone knows exactly what you’re feeling the moment a thought pops into your head. You’re a horrible secret keeper.

Primeape – You’re a kid at heart. And you’re very active. You’re always running around, jumping around, playing around.

Poliwhirl – You replay the past in your head again and again on a loop. You have a hard time living in the moment because you’re still upset about yesterday.

Poliwrath – You’re still stuck on your exes — and want revenge on them. You want them to realize how much they’re missing by losing you.

Alakazam – You love surprises. You love spontaneous nights out with friends. You love being swept off your feet without seeing it coming.

Machamp – You have a big head, a huge ego. You think you’re the greatest human who has ever lived.

Weepinbell – You’re gullible. You’ve been taken advantage of before because you assume everyone is telling the truth even when they’re lying through their teeth.

Victreebel – You’re always starving. You’re always planning out your next meal.

Tentacruel – You have a mean streak. When you don’t like someone, you can say the bitchiest things. Things they’re going to remember for the rest of their lives.

Graveler – You’re a multitasker. It’s hard for you to focus on one task at a time. You want to be productive, so you work on multiple things at once.

Golem – You are trying your hardest to come out of your shell, to leave your comfort zone, to put yourself out there.

Slowpoke – You’re always high. Or wasted. It’s one or the other.

Magnemite – People are drawn to you. You have a magnetic personality. That’s why your phone is always blowing up with texts.

Magneton – You’re terrified of being alone. You surround yourself with other people (or scroll through social media to create the illusion of spending time with other people) to keep the loneliness away.

Dodrio – You come from a big family. You’re always bickering with your siblings. You love them, but they annoy the hell out of you.

Grimer – You hate showering. You hate shaving. There are times when you go days without it because you’re too lazy to bother.

Shellder – All you want in life is a close friend, someone you can count on, someone who will never leave you hanging. You’re still searching for that person but you have faith you’ll find them someday.

Cloyster – You keep everyone at a distance. You never let them close enough to see the real you. You have a lot of acquaintances but not many real friends.

Gastly – Halloween is your favorite holiday. You love walking through haunted houses and you love dressing up in costumes.

Kingler – You can’t handle too much social interaction at a time. You need to recharge. Truthfully, you’re happiest when you’re alone.

Scyther – You’re a worrier. Sometimes, you lash out at the people who love you on accident because you misread what they’re saying to you.

Electabuzz – You don’t need much to be happy. Just a few friends, some video games, and a pizza. It’s the simple things in life…

Magmar – You aren’t good at expressing your emotions. You keep everything locked inside, pretending you’re perfectly fine, until you explode.

Voltorb – You’ve been called vanilla before.

Pinsir – You don’t let anyone get away with backstabbing or betraying you. When someone hurts you, the claws come out. You make sure exes and fake friends regret turning on you.

VaporeonYou love to swim. The water calms you. When you were a little kid, you wished you were a mermaid. 

Jolteon – You’re quick to get attached. You fall for people easily. Unfortunately, this means you get hurt easily.

Flareon – You’re eloquent. You’re skilled at public speaking. You know how to get your points across well. You spit fire.

Omanyte – You’re an old soul. You’ve always had trouble relating to people your age.

Omastar – You’re the stereotype of a grumpy old person. You’re always complaining about kids these days, how loud music is playing, and how much pain you’re in.

Kabuto – You’re wise beyond your years. You’ve been through a lot in the past, which means you’ve learned many life lessons years before your peers. You’re ahead of the game.

Kabutops – You don’t have as much confidence as you should. You have no idea how special you are.

Aerodactyl – You never stay in one place for long. You get restless. You want to see as much of the world as you can. You want to experience as much as you can.

Dragonair – You’re beautiful. You’re sensual. You’re intelligent. But you don’t let those compliments go to your head. You’re very modest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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