50 Couples On The Creepiest Thing Their Sleep Talking Spouse Said In The Darkness Of The Night

50 Couples On The Creepiest Thing Their Sleep Talking Spouse Said In The Darkness Of The Night

After reading these sleep talker stories from Ask Reddit you are going to have trouble falling asleep.

1. My husband is OUT OF CONTROL with his sleep talking. You almost can’t call it sleep talking, because you would swear this MFer knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. It isn’t just talking. He gets up out of bed, will literally be walking around the house doing things like he’s totally aware. Could hold a full conversation with you. It takes a minute to realize whether he’s awake or not, he’s so sure of himself.

So probably the scariest thing was one night we’re knocked out, it has to be like 3 am, and his big ass BOLTS out of bed like I’ve never seen in my life, waking me up and frantically yelling, “WE HAVE TO GO NOW! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE! FOLLOW ME! HURRY UP!”

I literally go into full panic mode and start trying to grab things and get my dogs, all while trying to ask him WTF is going on, but he’s SO serious about this that I just trust that there must be something bad happening. Within a minute or so I noticed that as frantic as he was walking around, he wasn’t really DOING anything, just kind of going in circles. At that point it clicked that he wasn’t really awake [I had been woken up from a dead sleep too obviously] so I started saying his name over and over and telling him it was okay, and he kind of just snapped out of it and was like oh, sorry about that…

Definitely was freaked out for a minute there though.

2. I was told by my SO that I said, “Give her a lobotomy, right through the temple.”

3. SO: Shhh be quiet. She’ll hear us.

I ask who.

SO Response: The woman who lives here. Shhhh she’s in the hallway.

4. Sat up at a 90 degree angle and said, “Violence causes and solves all problems.” Laid back down and said nothing else.

5. Woke up to go to the bathroom one night. As I move to get up my boyfriend goes, “Don’t go out there…”

Thinking he’s awake and joking with me I go, “Oh yeah, why?”

He sits upright eyes wide open and goes, “SHE’S out there.”

I held it for the rest of the night.

6. Woke up the whole house shouting, “Where is the head?! Where is the head?!”

7. He did that sit straight up in bed thing that I thought only happened in movies then shouted, “They’re coming for my skinnnn.”

8. I talk in my sleep, and my girlfriend told me this story after we woke up. I had evidently, turned toward her, shook her with my face, and yelled “They took my god damn arms Johnny!” before slumping back over and going back to sleep.

9. Not my SO but one of my friends’ mother used to talk in her sleep frequently. Apparently she was petting her boyfriend’s hair and telling him all the ways that she could kill him and make it look like an accident. Told her about it in the morning and she just laughs and said they weren’t bad ideas.

10. My wife has the occasional night terrors. One night she woke up screaming thinking something was in the corner of our room. Really freaked me out cause I woke up to her trying to escape through the wall while pulling her lamp from the socket and throwing everything off of her nightstand. My dog and I just looked at her super confused. Dog noped out of the bedroom and slept in the guest room that night.

11. My boyfriend has PTSD from his time in the Marines and what they did overseas. The other night, I had my arm around his waist and he patted my hand and said, “You’re never going to make it out of here. You’re just another casualty about to happen. You’re going to die and luckily we’re married because you have life insurance.”

We’re not married.

12. “I wanna tear all your skin off your body… then maybe you’ll be quiet.”

13. My stepfather in his sleep:”I’ll will kill you, you bastard.”

It was in the beginning of their relationship, my mum was a little bit scared.

14. A few months ago my husband was mumbling in his sleep, I asked what was up, he replied very clearly and loudly, “A CORRIDOR OF SEVERED HEADS.”

I slept with the light on.

15. The first time we ever slept together I woke up to him looking at me. “Hand me my spear. I will kill you now,” he said. Then he closed his eyes and laid back down.

I thought about it for like 5 minutes, decided I could take him, then went back to sleep myself. We dated for 6 years.

16. He sat up, pointed to the darkest corner of the room, and said, “There’s someone there!”

I frantically said, “What do you mean?”

And he insisted “There! There’s someone standing right there!” He then proceeded to lay down and go back to sleep as I used my phone light to check the dark corner. There was no one there.

17. “He’s still watching us. He has no eyes.”

Well, so much for sleeping tonight.

18. “They’re out there.” He says, eyes closed.

“Who?” I asked.

He shrugs, and uses both hands to gesture to the dark window.


We’ve had people in our yard before, so I had to look!

19. I wake up to hear him mumbling indistinct words, followed by “sudden infant death syndrome.” I was 7 months pregnant at the time.

20. My husband, almost every night, yells out “help…help…HELP” in his sleep. If I wake him when he does it, he’s hysterical until I can calm him down. It’s crazy.

21. “Don’t move or they’ll get you.”

He says he doesn’t even remember having dreams that night.

22. Soon after having a child, my wife sat upright in bed in the middle of the night, shouted: “My baby! What has she done?!” and lay back down.

23. “Don’t worry about the lady in the corner.”

24. When we first got together, my (soon-to-be-ex)SO would scream at his ex wife in his sleep, saying things like “shut the fuck up you stupid bitch, I should kill you”. Now he screams those things at me in his sleep.

25. This wasn’t an SO but a guy I had a fling with. He abruptly began speaking gutteral gibberish in his sleep, then in his guttural voice shouted “I SAW HIM,” then continued the gibberish. Think straight-up horror movie demon voice. I think the devil took over his body for a moment.

26. My ex used to grind her teeth, talk and move a lot while sleeping. One night she was making this weird noise with her throat and me, being a light sleeper, woke up and decided I was going to get up and go to the bathroom when she suddenly snapped her neck and turned her face towards me and said real quick “the witch has arrived” and then turned her face away just as fast and stopped moving. I spent the whole night lying down wide awake trying not to piss myself.

27. My husband frequently sees things in our room in his sleep that are not there. Giant spiders on the wall, snakes, squirrels. He’ll wake up and tell me to get out of bed so he can find whatever it is he “saw”. One time he jumped out of bed and looked under the bed for snakes.

My favorite was when he pointed to the corner of our bedroom and said there was a giant spider. He then proceeded to run out of the bedroom yelling, “I’m out this bitch, I’m out this bitch”. He doesn’t even talk like that normally.

He’s also punched me in the back multiple times in a row because he was dreaming of fighting someone.

28. “We’re not alone,” at 3 am while camping in the 100 Mile Wilderness.

29. My SO has laughed in his sleep. Doesn’t seem creepy, but when you’re sleeping in dark and quiet room, and wake up to someone chuckling, then creepy is an understatement.

30. One night he repeatedly screamed “GET THEM OFF ME!” while biting his own arms. Alarming to say the least.

31. I’m not sure what’s more terrifying than your SO sitting upright and saying, “they’re here” only to collapse back into their deep slumber.

32. Screaming, “I am going to kill you Motherfucker!”

33. My SO used to (not as much over the years) speak German in his sleep. So, since I understand very little german, I’d catch a few words here and there and ask in the morning… It usually was something like “run”, “kill” ect. He had the strangest dreams/ nightmares.

34. I am the talker, my BF is weirded out by it in general… one night I sat up and creepily whispered “Help Me.”

35. He kissed my forehead and then said, in a really creepy sing-songy voice, “They’re coooooming, the terrorists are coooming! Dont worry though, they wont bang you.”

36. Violently shakes me awake “Don’t move. DO NOT MOVE.”

Whispers: “We are covered in bees. Stay very still.”

Turns over and falls sleeps.

37. My brother and I shared a room growing up. I would always wake him up with my sleep talking so he convinced my Dad to record me in my sleep. I said one very clear and loud sentence that night.

“Go until you die.”

No clue what I was dreaming about.

38. My ex once asked Her: “Do you see them?”

Me : “Who?”

Her: “The children.”

That was a big nope!

39. Not words, but a laugh. My husband has, on more than one occasion, laughed in his sleep. But it’s not a normal laugh… It’s either a lot deeper and slower (almost insidious), or it’s a higher pitch (sometimes up and down rapidly with the pitch) and kind of staccato. Neither laugh sounds like him when he’s awake. It’s unsettling, but fortunately, it doesn’t happen too often.

40. I had an ex girlfriend who’s first language was Welsh. When she spoke in her sleep, bitch sounded like she was speaking in tongues.

41. Not 100% a talking in her sleep story but… When my SO is stressed she has dreams about spiders crawling everywhere. One night I was reading and she was asleep, she suddenly sat up and just stared at me. I asked her what’s up?

SO: the spiders

Me: what spiders?

SO: there are spiders coming out of the poster

ME: There are no spiders

she stares at the poster

SO: no the spiders

ME: go back to sleep

Then she just collapsed back into her pillow back asleep. When she first sat up and stared at me I thought this was suddenly a horror movie and I was dead.

42. My wife doesn’t talk in her sleep, but I did wake up once to her sitting up, leaning over me and staring at me Paranormal Activity style. It was terrifying, and she has no recollection of it.

43. My fiancé is Chinese and didn’t have the best upbringing there. It is common for her to yell in a distressed tone in her sleep random Chinese phrases.

Absolutely terrifying the first few times experiencing it. Now I just kind of cuddle with her a little bit harder when it happens.

44. “We need to decapitate them and take them back to the lab.”

45. My SO informed me one morning that he had woken up in the middle of the night with my face inches from his, my finger in his ear and I was apparently whispering, “I just need to get in, let me in!”

46. “Are you texting demons?” Oddly high pitched laugh. “You’re friends with demons!”

47. My SO said she was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. On her way back, I said, “It’s following you” and went back to sleep.

48. I’m the sleep talker but the best I’ve ever been told about was, “NO!! None of them have heads!”


(This was only our fourth night sleeping toegther and I didn’t even have anything out…)

50. Initially he just mumbled something I couldn’t understand. I turned around to face him and asked him what he had said. He responded in his sleep “don’t worry about it” and then laughed in this villainous way that I’ve never heard him use while awake. It honestly creeped me out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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