Halloween Pranks

20 Halloween Pranks Spooky Enough To Scare Your Toughest Friends

Try these Halloween pranks before October ends!

1. If you want to scare little kids approaching your house for candy — or your spouse when they come home from work — then you should dress up like a scarecrow and sit on the porch. When someone gets close enough, jump up and scream so they know you’re real.

2. Place red Kool-Aid in the shower head so the next person to turn on the water will be drenched in what looks like blood.

3. Purchase a cardboard cutout of any movie monster — or even a celebrity. Then place it by your window so anyone driving by will think someone is watching them. You could even tape a cardboard knife to their hand to increase the spook factor.

4. Hang fake spiderwebs across someone’s door while they are sleeping. When they wake up and try to leave the room, they will wonder what is blocking their way.

5. Buy a bunch of plastic cockroaches. Then tape them along the wall in your bathroom to make it look like an infestation.

6. You could also tape a fake cockroach to the inside of a lamp shade so the next person to turn on the lights will see its shadow.

7. Take a chunk of hair (preferably fake hair from a wig) and place it inside of a ceiling tile so it dangles down and looks like a dead body is hidden there.

8. Print out a photograph of your face and place it inside of a jar. Then fill that jar with green-tinted water so it looks like your head is preserved inside. Make sure you leave it somewhere your friends and family are bound to see it, like inside the fridge or their closet.

9. Use gloves and food coloring to leave bloody handprints on the windows and bathroom mirrors.

10. Buy the scariest mask you can find from the party store. Then place it beside someone as they are sleeping so the first thing they see when they wake up is a ‘person’ next to them.

11. Leave a severed head or hand from the prop store inside of the fridge, so the next person who opens it for a midnight snack will jump out of their skin.

12Sneak into the bathroom while your roommate is showering and write a creepy message in the steam on the mirror. Something like I’m watching you or you’re next. 

13. Print out faces of zombies or clowns or ghouls. Then place them on the outside of windows so it looks like they are peering inside.

14. One of the easiest, low-budget pranks involves grabbing a rubber snake or spider. Either toss it at someone or leave it inside of the toilet and wait for chaos to ensue.

15. Find a recording of someone moaning or screaming or howling. Let it play faintly from a corner of the room and act like you have no idea where it is coming from.

16. Find the creepiest doll at the store, splatter it with fake blood, and leave it somewhere you know the person you want to prank is going to find it.

17. Dip slices of cucumber, carrots, or brussels sprouts in melted chocolate and offer them to your friends and family. They will assume they are eating candy, but once they take a bite, they will realize they are only eating vegetables in disguise.

18. You could also take whole onions and dip them in candy apple dip. Offer them to anyone with a sweet tooth and watch their reaction as they chomp down.

19. Buy a candy bowl with an animated hand. That way, when little kids reach for a treat, the hand will clamp down on them and jump scare them.

20. When Halloween is over and the trick or treating is finished, prank your little siblings and cousins by telling them you ate all of their candy so they think there isn’t anything left for them.

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